Warfare surfaces in a dreamworld

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By Rafael Rodriguez / Staff Writer

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By Rafael Rodriguez / Staff Writer

“Sucker Punch” was a very interesting movie, in that its visuals were very top notch and the action sequences were fantastic, but it seems that was the only thing that the movie got right.

The story for “Sucker Punch” was very bland, In that it has no real meat to it.

The movie is about Babydoll (Emily Browning), a now recent orphan, who was institutionalized into an insane asylum by her jealous stepfather after he found out that Babydoll and her sister had received an inheritance from their now deceased mother.

 In the insane asylum Babydoll’s stepfather pays off a doctor to try and get an early lobotomy on her hoping that it will keep her quiet and preventing her from speaking out against him.

While this is occurring, Babydoll overhears her therapist, Doctor Gorski, (Carla Gugino) state, “the girls in the institution have the power to free themselves, that is all in their mind to do so,” taking this literally Babydoll recedes into her mind and plots her escape.

She has various dreams where she creates worlds, each with a unique theme and story behind them.

 These worlds are easily the best part of the movie as she envisions herself and other people who she had just met; or whom she will meet and places them into her plot to try and escape the hell hole.

The first of these worlds is an interpretation of the asylum but in it, Babydoll envisions it as a sort of dance club, where she and other girls are performers performing for various people including the owner of the club, Blue, (Oscar Isaac) and the dance instructor, Dr. Gorski.

In this world Babydoll creates plans to escape with the other girls by devising a way to gather items that will enable their escape.

 Each item they have to acquire is first thoroughly planned out, and then carried out in both this world and another world which she creates.

This second world is a steam-punk influenced world where the girls are portrayed as war-heroes.

 Here they try to accomplish missions that reflect the plan they are trying to accomplish in the other world.

 This world feels as if it was inspired by a video game, and is a spectacle to watch with so much happening.

 Babydoll and the other girls have to overcome  fighting an army of cybernetic undead soldiers, infiltrating a castle that’s being guarded by a gigantic dragon.

 Most of the over the top action that takes place here and is, easily the highlight of the movie.

The action sequences are well choreographed and Imaginative, having different types of combat such as hand-to-hand, swordplay, even firearms.

 The only gripe with these segments is that the characters seem to be in no real danger as they breeze by the opposition with no problems whatsoever.

It takes away the feeling that they are fighting for their lives.

As the story concludes we finally get a sense for the plot and what went on within Babydoll’s mind.

 The movie at the end tries to be a very heavy story-driven , but fails to do so as the first half of the movie has few plot points and does not really do well enough job to inform the audience of what is going on.

Overall the movie was way too bland, and if not for its action sequences it would fall flat on its face.

 Often times you’ll get lost in the plot wondering what is going on until an action sequence. Then you are more than likely to forget about the off paced story and just focus on the eye candy, where the movie really shines.

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