Riverside reaches new heights

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By Amanda Brown / Staff Writer

By Amanda Brown / Staff Writer

On March 26, the Riverside Municipal Airport held its 19th annual Air Show and it was a hit.

This was a family event, providing entertainment for all ages.

The whole day was jam packed with exciting aerobatics performances, all choreographed into a show that took attendees’ breathes away.

Matt Chapman, one of the more well-known pilots at the air show, went above and beyond all expectations as he flew through the air at amazing speeds.

His love for flying showed through in every stunt he performed.  Perhaps even more remarkable than his flying, was that after everything he came out to sign autographs and talk to his fans.

When the courageous and charismatic airman was asked what his favorite stunt was, he simply stated that he loves them all, but after a moment of reflection he stated that his all time favorite was the torque roll.

The torque roll is when the pilot spirals vertically up into the sky, then flips completely over turns off the engine and free falls straight back down.

He jokingly clarified that of course it was only his favorite when his breakfast didn’t come up.

Speaking of food, there were all sorts of local eateries that came out to the air show and set up booths.

There was Mexican food, BBQ, kettle corn, snow cones, etc. This helped provide much needed energy for the crowd throughout the event.

Aside from the expected air performances, there were skydivers and police helicopter demonstrations that captivated everyone’s attention.

The skydivers were brave and made the audiences heart skip a beat as they fell from the sky in a death defying fashion.  

The police demonstrations gave the audience an inside view into the way they utilize helicopters to keep officers on the ground safe and also fight crime.

In addition to the unbelievable aerobatics performances, there were also a number of planes on display that people were able to tour.

While they were all fascinating, the one that clearly stuck out was the C-53D (sky trooper) with the name of “D-Day Doll.”

The very plane that was on display had flown three missions over Normandy, France in 1944 during World War II.

This plane carried soldiers and supplies to battle, and it also transported the injured away from the front.

Throughout the day it was very clear how much the military contributes to the community.

The planes on display were mainly all planes America has used or uses currently in war.

With the tribute to the military also came knowledge of the way the military works.  

Another fascinating demonstration was provided by the Corona Remote Control Club.

The group flew model airplanes that were almost identical to the real things.

In fact, when they were flying around they could easily be mistaken for a real aircraft.

The surprising thing was the way they cut through the sky faster than any one would expect a “toy” to fly.

The 19th annual air show was a success and an all around enticing experience for all.

The relaxing day came with a few learning experiences as well. This show  truly was an event that included something for everyone.

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