Fame monster drops Target

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By Dominique Franklin / Staff

By Dominique Franklin / Staff

Lady Gaga was originally planning to sell an exclusive deluxe edition of her album at Target, and at Target only. What a perfect combination.

Lady Gaga is of course a well known platinum recording artist. Besides her music, Lady Gaga is also known for her strange attire and strange performances.

Lately she has begun getting recognition for becoming more politically active in controversial issues.

Where better to sell a mega superstar’s exclusive album than at Target.

A store that has an entire section just to show off various styles of music, and pulls in millions of dollars a year from the sales of said music.

It would seem that selling the Lady Gaga exclusive album at Target would be a match made in heaven.

In any case, it will definitely strengthen the partnership between the artist and the store. Yet the possible outcome will not happen, which is why the two are making headline news.

Apparently, Lady Gaga’s political viewpoints will affect the partnership that could have happened with Target.

Target reportedly made donations to a political candidate that is against gay marriage.

The opinion that Lady Gaga has dedicated herself too conflicts with this, because she supports gay marriage.

The conflicting views between Target donating to the candidate made Lady Gaga feel uncomfortable with the partnership, so she felt the need to end the deal.

It was admirable for Lady Gaga to end the deal with Target. It shows that she truly does care, and stands by her opinion of gay marriage.

There are many people who would have ignored Target donating to someone who has opposite views. The possibility of making a large sum of money from the album sales would entice anyone to ignore the transaction between Target and the unnamed candidate.

However, Lady Gaga was able to overlook the money and do what she felt was right.

Ending the deal was the right move for Lady Gaga. Had she combined the partnership with Target, she may have lost support and fans.

People see her now as a leading activist when it comes to supporting gays and lesbians.

Had she worked with a company who gives off the appearance of having conflicting thoughts towards the subject, the public would have questioned her loyalty to the issue.

Like with everything, there is an alternative action. Lady Gaga could have gone through with the deal with Target, released her album, and the public wouldn’t have even looked up.

She could have gone on to make millions from the exclusive album without irritating any of her fans; including the gay and lesbian ones. Again, Lady Gaga is admirable because she noticed the risk was too great.

To make money was not enough for her to ignore her own unease towards a subject.

She should be respected for taking the step towards ending the deal with Target, and truly is a strong activist for Gay and Lesbian rights.

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