Rick Hernandez’s appeal denied

Rick Hernandez, a former RCC employee who accused the district of wrongful termination was officially terminated on his appeal in a closed session at the Board of Trustees meeting on Feb. 22.

STEM Club Meets NASA

Like Halley’s Comet, which comes around once in a lifetime, Riverside City College’s S.T.E.M. Club has a once in a lifetime opportunity in their hands.


Beyonce’s controversial look

In the modern media, it is common for a viewer to see dozens of fashion ads in a day. Fashion ads are in every aspect of life; television, radio, prints, and even on people. Naturally, because it is so common, fashion will become a majority interest of many peoples’ lives.


Financial fiasco

Why is it that every year, every semester, and sometimes every week the budget for the state and colleges seems to be shrinking?

The college and state have such a limited amount of money right? Well this isn’t necessarily true. There are funds, there is money, just not in the right places and in some cases not in the right hands.

On campus jobs going extinct

Thought you would skip the outside employment and get a job on campus? Students may want to continue your in-store/online applications. As one may know,  the economy is suffering severely on funds. This is causing universities and colleges to make budget cuts.

UCR dance performance includes variety of entertainment

“UCR is Dancing” is an annual production of the department of dance at University of California Riverside that showcases the performers and dance majors of UCR.

All of the dances performed were wide and varied spanning different genres, from hip hop to ballet; or ballroom to breakdance, but each having a performer’s own interpretation or style.

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