Congress needs a timeout

Of all the things to be defending in congress right now, the extension of tax cuts for the upper monetary echelons should not be on the priority list.

Alas, it is, and is the focus of contention between the Republican and Democratic membersof Congress. The Grand Old Party (GOP) of Republicans are threatening to block all legislation unless the tax breaks passed by the Bush administration are extended.

Campuses’ lack of security puts students in danger

It’s the time of year when eager students are planning the next phase of their educational career.

Choosing location, deciding on a major, whether to go to a public or private school are all influencing factors students go through when sealing the fate of their future.

What is lacking from the monumental tradition of moving forward to new and exciting avenues as a student is the measurement of safety higher education may or may not offer.

Campus safety is not an issue that is addressed when admissions are attempting to lure in prospective students.

TSA values safety over privacy

If there is anything Americans as a whole value as much as the National Rifle Association values the Second Amendment guarantee to let people arm themselves with AK-47’s, it is the right to privacy.

A reasonable and rational response to someone getting up in your personal space bubble is, anger and outcry.

This struggle was personified with John “Don’t touch my junk” Tyner versus the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) video that ran circuits around nightly newscasts and Internet sites, setting off a fury towards the airline safety agency.

Smoking is no laughing matter

Adam and Eve lived in paradise, but God gave them one rule: “don’t eat the apple.” What did Eve do? She bit the apple and gave it to Adam.

From the very beginning, human nature has instilled a sense of curiosity and rebellion into our minds. The word “no” acts as an obstacle that spurs people on to do the action even more.

The FDA has set out on a vendetta to attack cigarettes by placing giant warning labels that cover half of the box.

These new warnings are far from the typical “May cause lung cancer” in small print on the side of the box.

Bush balks at opportunity to apologize for mistakes

An onslaught of media attention has once again surrounded former President George W. Bush. However, as was the case in the past, it is not over his questionable politics.

Bush has received this new attention due to the release of his self written book titled, “Decision Points.”

RCC accreditation visit goes well

An evaluation team from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, the division of the Western Association of Junior Colleges, visited Riverside City College on Nov. 22.

The commission, which is authorized by the U.S. Department of Education, has periodically sent a team to the college in order to ascertain its continuous adherence to accreditation criteria.

However, the visitation this time was different in the sense that it was the first visitation since RCC received a warning by the Commission, and thus RCC needed to show its particular effort to remove the warning.

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