Ban enforcement up in smoke

Riverside City College, like 260 other colleges and universities across the United States, has recently joined in the movement of becoming a healthier and cleaner campus.

RCC prepares for state IOUs

Financial concerns have welled up among the Riverside City College District faculties since California state controller John Chiang mentioned in July the potential necessity of issuing IOUs to manage cash for community colleges.

RCC celebrates convocation

Budget concerns, parking woes and class work was put on hold for awhile when students at Riverside City College, faculty, and professors gathered in the A.G. Paul Quadrangle on Sept. 30 for the 94th annual Convocation ceremony. 

A week without temptation

A year ago the Viewpoints editing staff held an experiment called “The Vice Project.”

We each gave up a vice for one week and chronicled our reactions.

Well we’re at it again with “The Vice Project 2.”

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