‘Resident Evil’ lack of ‘Life’

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By Meaghan Cunningham / Asst. Inscape Editor

By Meaghan Cunningham / Asst. Inscape Editor

“Resident Evil: Afterlife” was one of the summers’ most anticipated films.

Alice, played by Milla Jovovich has been on a quest to find survivors while being hunted for her DNA by her previous employer, The Umbrella Corporation.

Alice is the only match for the T-Virus. She has superhuman capabilities which allow her to combat 50 zombies at once and not break a sweat.

Although the fundamentals for the movie are present, the fourth film has little relevance to the previous films. There are several parts of the film that were disappointing.

The opening scenes are exciting but have nothing to do with the film.

It opens in what seems like a normal street scene when a human looking vampire zombie kills a man and immediately wipes out a whole city.

The film flips to what is the new hive for the Umbrella Corporation where executives monitor the virus and its subject. Once the alarm goes off indicating an intruder, combat units are sent to secure the entrance, when Alice’s clones from “Resident Evil: Extinction” drop by for some action. The special effects and graphics exercise the 3D aspect for viewers but the overall content is unoriginal and slow motion like “The Matrix.”

As all of this is going on the evil villain played by Shawn Roberts escapes to his jet where he plans a clean take off which is abruptly interrupted.

Alice has been traveling the world looking for remaining survivors when she hears a national broadcast for Arcadia, an infection free sanctuary. As Alice roams a vacant land she is attacked by a very unconscious Claire, played by Ali Larter.

Claire is the familiar face to the film and delivers some insight as to where the survivors from the pervious maybe held.

Alice and Claire continue the ever long search, when the duo spots a massive prison where millions of zombies are trying to enter and feed off survivors that have been stranded and waiting for rescue.

To their surprise, Alice is not their rescuer from the nearby Arcadia.

As the movie extends into detail of the survivors struggle and a family reunion; zombies are rapidly invading the prison, which gives the crew a minimum amount of time to get out.

The crew discovers a way to flee the prison and get to Arcadia when a new arrival throws a wrench in the plans.

An enormous monster carrying a double sided steel scythe is there to kill and destroy whatever untainted blood is left in the penitentiary. This monster that comes from no where engages in a highly intense battle with Claire, and ultimately makes the movie worth watching in 3-D.

The plot unravels and has little to do with the original film but shows an evolution of the T-Virus and the saga’s infamous muscle skin mutated dogs.

Without seeing the previous movies, you can enjoy the film for the special effects, the blood thirsty zombies, and the extreme fight scenes.

However if you are a loyal watcher of “Resident Evil,” the fourth film is not like the first three. There is little to nothing related to The Hive, The Red Queen computer, or the original science used by the Umbrella Corporation.

Overall “Resident Evil: Afterlife” has some great scenes, new faces, and a couple surprises that make the movie live up to its expectations.

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