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By Richardson Jean-Baptiste / Staff Writer

By Richardson Jean-Baptiste / Staff Writer

There are a lot of burger places near our campus but none as unique as Mission Burgers. I heard great things about Mission Burgers before I was assigned to give them a review.


When I got this assignment I was really excited that I got the chance to finally experience the magic for myself.


Mission Burgers seems like it is one of the premiere burger joints in Riverside County, I must admit.


I hadn’t been there but when I asked a few people in the area about it, they had nothing but good things to say about the place.


When what I should order came up, I kept in mind a couple of things that I would enjoy at any burger joint.


When I finally arrived, I had a general idea about what I wanted.


I kept hearing about this infamous “double pastrami cheeseburger” from every person I asked. Since I like both cheeseburgers and pastrami, I figured, why not?


At first I was overwhelmed by the combination of the two but what the heck; you only live once. Right?


So I jumped in head first and accepted the challenge.


It comes with the double pastrami cheeseburger, deep fried onion rings, zucchini and French fries which is enough to feed at least two people. It cost about $8, but I think it’s worth it.


Although the food is greasy, it is similar to the concept of grease on a Philly cheese steak; it’s very necessary and it tastes like a little bit of heaven in your mouth.


Mission Burgers also has something called a “pizza burger” and it is rumored to be a burger as big as a pizza.


Now that’s a huge burger!


Maybe when I come back, I’m going to take my little brother and we might try to tackle this challenge.


This place is really cool because it offers good portions and that’s a good thing when it comes to food.


It also has televisions and they show sports which makes it the spot to hang out at on game day.


They also have huge burgers and just about everything else other burger joints might have.


As far as the commute from Riverside City College, it’s very close (practically around the block) so travel time shouldn’t be a problem.


The thing I might have a problem with is the place seems like it would get a “C” in the health department. It’s like one of those hole in-the-wall places you see a lot in Los Angeles, on just about every corner.


In my book it would for sure receive an A in the food and taste department.


So before you try to judge a book by its cover you should give it a shot and come to Mission Burgers.


Have one of those famous double pastrami cheeseburgers or maybe even try that pizza burger.


All in all, I recommend this place to everyone in the city. Scratch that, the world. You should definitely put this place in your to visit category. I give it two thumbs up. 

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