Aquatics gets an upgrade

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By Fatima Ramsey / Staff Writer

By Fatima Ramsey / Staff Writer

Riverside City College’s construction boom continues with the new aquatics center scheduled to open in January 2011.

The construction, which began in fall 2009, is being brought to life by the collaboration of Tilden-Coil Construction TM, and Austin Veum Robbins Partners (AVRP).    

According to the Tilden-Coil’s website, “Construction consists of a 65M x 25yd specialty deep water pool, new Pool Equipment and Storage structure, Team room, Locker structure, and site improvements to serve the new facility.”

Tilden-Coil’s project manager, Tracy Ellis, said the construction progress is “completely on schedule.”    

There are 50 construction workers working eight hours a day on the development of the new facility.

AVRP and Tilden-Coil companies came together to design the architectural structure of the facility and to build it.

“Thus far, it is a challenging project, but it is enjoyable. It will be a nice feature on the Riverside campus,” Ellis said.

Not only is the construction staff anxious to see the finished product but so are the coaches and athletes who will be enjoying the new facility.

“It’s going to be a great facility for this college and the community,” said Water Polo coach Doug Finfrock.

Not only will the new facility be great for the athletes, but also for the community.

“The city, the county, the school, will be able to host events, and bring top level athletes to this area,” said the men’s Assistant Water Polo Coach, Jason Norhcott.    

“Elevate aquatics,” Northcott said when asked what the new facility will have to offer.

The new pool will be 65 meters long, which is much larger than the existing pool, which all the coaches and athletes described as “limiting.”

Dive Coach, Jimmy Adams is mostly looking forward to training with good equipment.

“It’s fun to watch,” said Adams, in regards to the progress of the construction of the new pool. “It’s a sweet pool, it will be fun to train there”

Adams believes the new facility will make the teams stronger, and that a lot of positive things are soon to come from the new aquatics center.

A couple of the athletes also shared their feelings towards the new Aquatics Center, water polo team member, Michael Robinson, and former team member Shawn Nolan.

“It’s nice to have our own facility, and not to have to go off campus to train, the old pool works, but it’s outdated, it’s like a bathtub,” Robinson said.

“Its hard swimming when you have the women’s and men’s team swimming at the same time,” Nolan said.

Everyone is anxiously and patiently waiting for the grand opening of the new Aquatics center at RCC.

The facility is expected to be finished in December, and will be celebrated with a grand opening in January.

Everyone in the community is welcome to come and celebrate the grand opening of the new Aquatics Center on RCC’s campus.

“It’s a pretty big deal, it will be a great thing,” Finfrock Said.

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