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By Chanelle Williams / Managing Editor

By Chanelle Williams / Managing Editor

In case you didn’t know the California primary elections are coming up, on June 8 to be exact and your right to vote gets the chance to be exercised.

These are the elections where you get the opportunity to vote for prominent state positions such as Governor, State Secretary, State Senators, etc.

There are also the propositions which are pieces of legislation that are made into amendments in California’s state constitution or are revisions made to current amendments.

Here is a breakdown of those propositions, unbiased and not funded by special interest groups who have spent hundreds of thousands, if not more, to promote their favorite proposition.

These are just the facts and included is a brief summary of the arguments for (pro) and against (con) the legislation.

Proposition 13
Property tax assessment

If passed, Proposition 13 will ensure that improvements made to buildings for earthquake safety will not be taxed.

Proposition 13 will prohibit a reassessment of property taxes on buildings that have had construction for seismic enhancements.

Will be an incentive for property owners to make necessary changes to their buildings structure to make it safe for seismic activity says

There were no arguments found against Prop. 13.

Proposition 14
Primary Election

Proposition 14 hopes to promote increased participation in elections by making voting for candidates simpler.

It will increase options during primary elections by opening the ballot up for voters to vote for any candidate regardless of their party affiliation.

The two candidates that have the most votes from the primaries will move on to the general election and there will be no restriction on which party they are from.

Proposition 14 will affect only the elections for congressional, legislative and statewide offices.

Claims it will get rid of partisan domination in the elections, giving independent candidates equal opportunity in the primaries.

Also, it allows voters to vote regardless of party affiliation, supported by

Partisan groups will be able to conceal their special interests and their party association by claiming to be independent according to


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