RCC theater program doesn’t take the easy route

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By Krissy Concepcion / Asst. Inscape Editor

A night out- Alyssa Marie portrays lead character Nellie Forbush in the play “South Pacific” during a dress rehearsal in 2008. This semester the Landis Performing Arts Center plays host to “Equus”, “How I Learned to Drive” and “Edges (Khai Le / Online Editor)

By Krissy Concepcion / Asst. Inscape Editor

Lines in a play are said to tell a story, to make you laugh, cringe, or cry.

A few of the lines that will be heard in upcoming shows at the Riverside City College Landis Performing Arts Center are a good example of that.

“This is the most shocking case I ever tried. Most people are going to be disgusted by the whole thing, including doctors! He blinded six horses with a metal spike.”

The stage of the Landis Performing Arts Center has been host to a variety of high profile stage productions; and the collection of spring 2010 will be no exception.

Opening in April, is the critically acclaimed Tony Award winning “Equus” by Peter Shaffer. It’s about a young boy sent to psychiatrist, Martin Dysart, to treat and find the roots of his religious yet erotic obsession with horses.

Not only is this production highly anticipated as it has garnered a well-respected reputation in the theatre community as a philosophically interesting, thought-provoking production for its dramatic craftsmanship, original staging and powerful visuals.

The title might sound familar to audiences. The play was revived in 2007 starring Daniel Radcliffe of “Harry Potter” fame.

The big news out of the production was Radcliffe bearing it all, clothing wise, during the show.

It is not a show for the small-minded, in fact every advertisement on campus clearly states: “Rated R – Mature Audiences Only.”

Another play in process, is Pulitzer Prize winning, “How I Learned to Drive” by Paula Vogel, Dramatists Play Service describes it as, “…a funny…devastating tale of survival…of a troubling relationship between a young girl and an older man.”

The last production of this session is Benj Pasek and Justin Paul’s “Edges: A Cabaret Song Cycle,” where four people learn to question their forced places in society and try to reach their own potential.

In the New York setting, some lives are abridged in 16 measures:

“I’m 30 and unwed, I read Cosmo all the time, I believe a woman has the right to choose.

My bedroom’s painted red; I drink Diet Coke with lime

And I’m saving up to take a singles cruise.”

The collection of character-driven music and well-crafted lyrics present the show in a completely different way, as it tells stories and provides laughs.

“We choose material that is diverse and challenging for young artists, with a broad variety as to engage all types of students and audience,” Julian said.

The skill of the department was proven just this past February.

“The Full Monty” was performed in Southern Utah and out of 300 shows, Riverside was chosen by the Kennedy Center to represent the best of the best in college productions, (beating out colleges such as UCLA, USD, CSUF, BYU, and many more.)

Not only were the performances rewarded, RCC won the big Tech Award for “Loading in the Show.”

RCC student Morgan Reynolds was selected to perform and be honored for his performance in “The Full Monty” at the Kennedy Center.

It is a big honor considering that they only choose one actor from the entire United States.

For more information on tickets and showtimes: RCC Performing Arts Website http://academic.rcc.edu/performingarts/index.jsp

Landis Performing Arts Center Box Office 951-222-8100

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