‘God of War 3’ is bloody good

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By Juan Aguilar / Asst. Inscape Editor

‘God of War 3’- Kratos uses Athena’s blades to cause severe damage to his opponents in an attempt to win the war. ( Games Press)

By Juan Aguilar / Asst. Inscape Editor

WARNING: “God of War 3” may cause your television screen to bleed.

As the game uses an awesome blend of mythological creatures and the bloodiest real-time game play Sony Computer Entertainment has developed yet, you would think your television is gushing copious amounts of blood.

“God of War 3,” which will be released on March 16 for the Playstation 3, is set in the era of Greek Mythology.

The Sony game is the fourth installment of the franchise and the first to debut on the Playstation 3 platform, making it the best of its three predecessors.

The game will pick up where “God of War 2” ended, beginning at Mt. Olympus.

Kratos, accompanied by the remaining Titans, will embark on their journey to destroy Olympus itself and the mighty gods who betrayed them.

Along with the return of “undead soldiers,” the gruesome creatures featured in the previous games will make you coil back in fear as Sony’s Santa Monica Studios will introduce more to each creature.

The chimera, a new animalistic beast to be fought during game play, is made up of three animals: a lion, a goat, and a snake.

Although the chimera genetic combination does not make much sense, the beast is ferocious nonetheless.

The creatures seen in the game were taken from Greek Mythology, but they are portrayed much more graphically and show absolutely no mercy to anything standing in their way.

For these vicious monsters, the weapon that has been and always will be the most effective and destructive, is Athena’s blades.

“God of War 3” will feature these precious double-chained blades with much better graphics, intensity, and new attack combinations creating the perfect finishing touch to the wrath of Kratos.

New subweapons will also be introduced, such as the cestus, which are mighty metal gauntlets that cause massive destruction, the blade of Olympus, and Apollo’s bow, a useful weapon that allows Kratos to lure Harpees for transportation across lengthy gaps.

In addition to the new weapons, Kratos also gets to keep the golden fleece and Icarus’ wings earned from the previous game.

The golden fleece deflects enemy attacks with greater force, and Icarus’ wings allow Kratos to soar over gaps and ascend through blowing vents, making him more mobile throughout the climb of Mt. Olympus.

Combat style will also be enhanced for this new installment. Unlike the previous games, the in game engine will allow Kratos to battle an onslaught of undead soldiers, while also being able to grapple and use them as shields to plow through other enemies, and then violently dispose of them.

The game will use the same button command mode seen in the previous games, only this time the combinations included will be much more graphic and ridiculously violent.

Still, “God of War” is not only about blood and gore as it also challenges players to solve intricate puzzles during some intense situations.

Throughout the previous games, certain levels would incorporate complex puzzles and death traps that challenge the player’s wits and timing, creating the ultimate sense of victory if solved on time.

So what new expectations will “God of War 3” bring that make it more epic than its predecessors?

For starters, it is going to debut exclusively on a next generation platform, giving “God of War 3” fans the ultimate experience to the long awaited finale of Kratos and his revenge against the gods who betrayed him.

Kratos will be able to roam areas larger than those found in “God of War 2”, especially the Titans which now stand taller than a skyscraper.

The game was also developed with maximum 1080p resolution, making the game far more realistic for a third dimensional platform.

Even the lighting technologies featured in the game prove to be a real human experience.

It is said that a rapid change in light will cause the human eye to adjust much in the same ways that it would when exposed to sunlight.

It is finally time for the gods to meet their match.

The outcome can only be a massive victory that endless hours of gameplay will determine.

“God of War 3” will be introduced with full high definiton, creating the most detailed and monumental visuals to date.








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