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By Kyle Durham / Editor’s Assistant

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By Kyle Durham / Editor’s Assistant

Some love her, some love to hate her. Some call her the next Madonna, some call her a flash in the pan.

Either way, one thing is undeniable Lady GaGa is hard to forget and impossible to ignore.

It is nearly impossible to walk into a club, party or bar without hearing the unrelenting bass and the captivating melody of Lady GaGa being blasted through speakers.

She has taken the art scene by storm and all the hipsters with it.

Unlike her ‘90s predecessors, she is far more than a mindless pop diva. She writes her own songs along with helping many of her peers with theirs.

Listening to her songs leaves you with a feeling of shock and a chorus that you will be humming for at least a week.

Love her or hate her, Lady GaGa is more than music, she is an experience.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta had a rough start as she performed downtown in the lower east side club scene with bands like Mackin Pulsifer and SGBand.

She was still living with her parents when she began her metamorphosis into a superstar.

Rob Fusari, her producer, helped her with her stage name. Stefani always sang Queen songs and her vocal style is often compared to Freddie Mercury’s.

One day she was singing the song “Radio Ga Ga.” Fusari then texted Stefani saying “Lady GaGa.”

The rest was a transformation that took MTV and apparently every one else by storm.

Lady GaGa, seemed to come out of nowhere with the release of her first album in 2008 titled simply “The Fame.”

Her style varies from song to song shifting sharply from songs inspired by David Bowie to something sounding very much like Daft Punk.

This debut album helped her take over the subversive electro-indie scene followed quickly by the pop scene.

Her songs “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” finally gave the underground hipsters something mainstream to like and the catchy chorus keeps audiences singing along.

Just when MTV thought it couldn’t get any better, GaGa came out with her sophomore album titled “The Fame Monster” in 2009.

Her new song “Bad Romance” did exactly what her other hits did, only a little better and with a little more sparkle.

The hard hitting style that Lady GaGa is known for was only heightened on this album and showed people that she was more than a one hit wonder.

The record was also different, which was just enough to make it known that she was anything but a one trick pony.

As if the contagiousness of her music wasn’t enough, Lady GaGa takes every one’s breath away when she arrives.

She never fails to make an impression whenever she walks into a room and her performances on stage and in concert are no different.

She is wild in her style and her talent is unmatched. GaGa no doubt sets a high standard for fans and aspiring artists alike.

In this, the fame of her outrageous outfits might be just as popular as her music as everyone seems to be familiar with the star that is GaGa.

Lady Gaga is one of the most talented stars in the pop scene right now both in regards to performance and her own composition, but will that be enough?

Will her music be enough to help keep her in high standings in the pop scene?

These are the questions Lady GaGa fans are asking.

There are scattered reports of Lady GaGa putting out a new album for 2010 so perhaps her patrons will find the answers there.

One thing is certain, she is a one of a kind performer that is not a likely subject to change any time soon.

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