‘Modern Warfare’ too modern for some critics

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By Andrian Pascua / Staff Writer

By Andrian Pascua / Staff Writer

You can fight terrorism without taking casualties, you can’t make a video game about fighting terrorism without a little reality.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” has been one of the hit games for Infinity Ward for several years.

So it’s no surprise most fans have been waiting for what feels like a life time on its release.
“Modern Warfare 2” is so good, every mission feels like it could be out of a movie.

The game’s story deals mostly with America being invaded by foreign powers.

The only thing most gamers really care about though is the multi-player play which is something to be applauded.

Although there are those out there who don’t feel the same way about the game.
One mission in particular has been the source of controversy.

It puts the player in deep cover with a terrorist organization which has invaded U.S. soil after having infiltrated an airport.

As part of the mission, the player has to kill civilians in order to meet his objective and keep his cover.

This has made critics a little uneasy, seeing as that part of the game is a little too violent.

All in all this seems to be blown completely out of proportion as the game is already supposed to be about the invasion of American soil.

If this part of the game was so extreme, how about the fact that there are war movies like “Modern Warfare 2” where an agent posing as a terrorist has to kill civilians and sometimes even soldiers that are meant to be their ally?

The whole fact that “Modern Warfare 2” is a game based on realism should be taken into consideration.

What gamers have a hard time finding in military games like these is how close to reality the game can get.

Of course, I don’t approve of violence, but it’s not like “Modern Warfare 2” is one of the most violent games out there.

“God of War” had a few nude scenes in it, even though it wasn’t a predominant part of the game, it was still there.

Most people didn’t even blink an eye when that happened, but when somebody decides to kill people in a military based shooting game everyone notices.

News flash, the only thing that Infinity Ward wanted to do was drive home the fact that death happens in a war.

There used to be a time when killing monsters and having their blood and guts exploded every where was disturbing.

People have come to understand that it’s “not that bad.”

If a movie is too graphic for you, don’t watch it.

If you feel the game is too violent, there is no reason to be playing it.

In fact, if having to kill the civilians is just too much for you, the game gives you the option to skip it.

Having played through the mission myself, I looked at it from a more logical view, it’s not real.

The fact that a video game can make so much noise in the gaming world, tells me how good it is.

Just like how a television show or a movie can show violent acts, this part of the game just shows how violent our world has become.

Even though this may all be true, it all comes down to the fact that video games aren’t real life.

Honestly if you want to limit how much violence the media puts out don’t start on video games.

Start with movies that show something as inhumane as a rape scene.

Start with the networks that allow TV shows today to show something as brutal as murder.
In no way, shape, or form do I endorse violence, nor do I feel that just because it’s in a game it should be acceptable.

But this game is what most military games out there today should be like.

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