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By Andrew Kendall / Staff Writer

By Andrew Kendall / Staff Writer

Whether you dig music, coffee or the general vibe of an establishment, Riverside offers a variety of stores that are bound to meet your fancy.

Many of the stores aim to appeal to today’s generation.

But there are still some that channel the past and are enjoyable for all ages.

University Village in Riverside is the home for such a store.

It’s retro, sophisticated, interesting and artsy.

It’s the Mad Platter record store.

Sure, University Village still may have a lot of mainstream stores such as Denny’s, Juice it Up, a movie theater, Fat Burger and a Game Stop.

But the Village reaches beyond the common with Mad Platter.

Opened in the early 80’s, Mad Platter is the sister store of Rhino Records in Claremont.
It’s a store that slips free of most things of today, but still has the art, culture and diversity for every generation to enjoy.

Grab a Jones soda inside, browse the store and you’re guaranteed to find something of interest.

The walls are covered in posters, both of music and movies.

The shelves are filled with a large variety of music genres.

The vast amount of records and CDs make this place seem like any music lover’s dream.
From oldies to newbie’s, you will be able to find something from The Beatles to Britney Spears.

Or maybe, if you’re into the punk influence, some old Ramones records might suit your musical taste.

What’s most innovative about this store is how it can bring both the past and present and blend them together.

The Mad Platter brings together, on vinyl, music that our parents listened to in their hayday and current albums such as the “Juno” movie soundtrack.

Music nowadays is pretty expensive, considering most people use Apple’s iTunes, which will cost you a whole 10 dollars just for one CD.

Luckily, the Mad Platter has deals and sales all the time, not to mention its own extensive section of used CDs.

With deals as low as $2.99, you can save your wallet from feeling empty.

Mad Platter also buys used CD’s, DVD’s, and LP’s.

If that wasn’t enough, they offer 40% into the mix if you opt for store credit when selling your old stuff, which leaves you with  more money to purchase new music.

“This store brings back new trends that always seem to happen again,” said Riverside City College student Zoe Odien. “Music goes out, but some tunes never die.”

Music isn’t the only item for purchase at this store though.

A variety of posters, patches, buttons, stickers, as well as not typically sold magazines Punk Planet and even gag gifts are available for customers.

You might even be able to find your favorite band T-shirt for sale.

“My favorite purchase would have to be my Pee Wee Herman shirt,” said Odien. “I get compliments on it all the time.”

The Mad Platter is open from 10 a.m to 9 p.m. from Sunday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

The store is located at 1223 University Avenue #160, near the University of California, Riverside.

Just down the street from University Village is a local coffee shop known as Back to the Grind.

If you’ve never been inside,you have no idea what you’re missing out on.

The decoration and style of the store is eye-catching.

With an entire wall dedicated to a book shelf packed with literature and tall tables hand painted with unique art, the shop can’t help but stand out.

The music played in the store breaks the trend many stores follow by playing loud and annoying music, typical of today.

The music varies from a creative group of ukulele players to a much more intense punk rock band proving that genres can be fused together creating a different atmosphere on whichever night you choose to visit.

 Besides the creativity that lines the walls, the menu isn’t half bad either.

Pizza, stuffed croissants, vegan friendly meals, sandwiches and the not so typical Italian sodas are just some of the many items you can buy.

If you truly look though the city there can be something exciting that lies around the corner.
From a shopping center to a coffee shop, you never know what you will find that might spark your interest, ultimately creating a chain reaction to new and exciting things.

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