Yankees impress with team effort

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By Javier Cabrera / Sports Editor

Big money (Major League Baseball)

By Javier Cabrera / Sports Editor

The New York Yankees are rolling through the Major League Baseball American League Championship as they lead the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 3-1 in a best-of-seven series.

Known as one of the most hated teams in baseball because the wealth the team has at getting top players like CC Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira, the Yankees are five wins away from taking their 27th World Series Championship.

Baseball experts are questioning a three man starting rotation that includes Sabathia, A.J.

Burnett and Andy Pettitte, because of the short rest the pitchers have, but they all have given the Yankees the chance to close out the game to give them and the team the victory.

With the pitching set, the defense strong with gold glove winners like Teixeira, Derek Jeter and Rodriguez, the Yankees just need numbers offensively to win.

No problem, having Rodriguez in the line-up and racking up five home runs so far in this postseason, including three in three straight games, nothing is stopping them.

The Yankees’ batting line-up is deep having other players to contribute alongside Jeter and Rodriguez like Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui and Jorge Posada.

The players as a team have averaged an on base percentage of .402, meaning there is a good chance one of these six guys are in scoring position.

With the additional signings of Teixerira who is making  over $20 million, and Sabathia who is making over $15 million this year, the Yankees payroll is over $208 million.

Surely their investments in these two all stars, along with Rodriguez and Jeter, have the Yankees feeling good about the position they are in right now.

Sweeping the Minnesota Twins easily, and one game away from eliminating the Angels and heading back to the World Series, the Yankees are looking like a team that will not be stopped.

Despite Southern California wanting a freeway series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Angels, both were no match to the Philadelphia Phillies and Yankees. The Yankees and Phillies will have an exciting series against each other in the World Series. 

Even though the Yankees will beat the Phillies in six games, the Phillies will have a fair chance to defend their title, but it will have to end eventually.

The Yankees are just too good this year and are set from top to bottom to make a serious run for the championship this year.

As long as Sabathia is able to take control over the Phillies batting line-up, which includes Ryan Howard who has gotten an RBI in eight straight games, then New York should not have any worries handling Philadelphia.

In the probable World Series match up between New York and Philadelphia, the Yankees have the advantage in the pitching, as long as their three man rotation continues to give them a full game as they have all postseason.

The offense will be in the advantage of  New York too, because the Phillies’ starting pitcher Cliff Lee’s career average against the Yankees is .340, and Pedro Martínez has a .444 career average against the Yankees.

Whether you love them or hate them, 2009 is the Yankees year to capture another World Series.

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