The Unreal World: the real reality of MTV’s ‘Hills’

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By Erene Abdelmeseeh / Managing Editor

The glamorous life (MTV Press)

By Erene Abdelmeseeh / Managing Editor

I woke up this morning feeling like P.Diddy.

Most people can relate though; living the perfect life, where everything seems like it is just handed to you.

Waking up each day to go to your dream job, driving your dream car and then realizing you were just dreaming that you lived a life portrayed on MTV’s “The Hills.”

My life is nothing like Lauren Conrad’s. I force myself out of bed each morning as I remember that I have two papers to write, a couple of midterms to study for and a speech to prepare.

And after all the hard work I put into my studies, I am still left with that unsure feeling that I will not find a job after I graduate.

So why does MTV taunt me with shows like “The Hills?” Conrad and her friends all live these simple lives where everything is just handed to them on a silver platter.

Conrad did not even complete her higher education, yet she has her own fashion line.

I understand that there are people out there who are just so talented that they do not need to complete school to succeed in life, but let’s be honest, Conrad is not that talented.

Her designs are over-priced basics and I am pretty sure that if I stole the dress off of the “My Size Princess Barbie” I would be much more fashion forward.

Yet, Conrad is living her dream life. Not because she worked for it, but because she was given a reality TV show.

No one would care about her or even know her name if it was not for her start on MTV.
Like Conrad, Heidi Montag and Stephanie Pratt have also received celebrity treatment for doing nothing.

Montag has a pop album coming out, but if you’ve heard her past attempts then you know she can’t sing.

Pratt was recently in the news for getting a DUI.

That’s like a random popular Riverside City College student getting a DUI and having it told on the news. Most people won’t know who it is, so why would they care?

MTV insists on referring to “The Hills” as a reality show, but everyone knows it’s fake.

Most of us struggle to get through school only to be left with thousands of dollars in debt afterwards and this desire to find a job so we can pay it all off.

Sadly, most of us will probably get stuck working a job we hate while hoping that one day somebody would offer us a reality show so our lives would be just as easy.

Well, we can dream can’t we? I mean, Riverside isn’t Laguna Beach, but the people can be just as dramatic.

If they are going to insist on making reality TV shows then MTV should portray them realistically.

Normal lives may not be as perfect as the ones on “The Hills,” but they can be just as entertaining.

We all have those quirky friends, those exciting moments we never want to forget and those days we wish would just end.

The only difference between our lives and the lives of  those on”The Hills” is that we have to work a lot harder for what we want.

MTV needs to change their portrayal of reality so that regular women won’t have such high expectations of life after college.

We should not expect to get an amazing internship, a dream job or even to debut our designs at LA fashion week without working hard for it.

Yet, because of shows like this, many women do not expect life to be that difficult.
Why should they? MTV tells us that “The Hills” is reality so we should expect to live the same lives as Conrad and her friends.

Well, that’s enough for now.

I don’t want to miss the season premiere of “The City.” It’s so much more realistc.

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