‘He’s just not that into you’ or the relationship at all

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By Megan Evans / Staff Writer

By Megan Evans / Staff Writer

Romantic comedies are kind of corny.

After seeing every popular romantic comedy, I think it’s safe to say that men and women have  very different opinions when it comes to relationships.

These different characteristics also apply to breakups.

A recent poll in Women’s Health shows that most often, women end relationships for three reasons: compatibility issues, change in their significant other or being the victim of a cheating boyfriend.

For some guys, reasons for breaking up with their girlfriends aren’t as simple.

According to Rich Santos, a journalist for Marie Claire, there are 11 different breakup “types” that can be defined by the confusing male gender. Ladies, pay close attention.

But, in general, this applies to everyone.

The first and probably one of the most immature reasons is the old “I Got Bored” routine.

This breakup is caused by a man’s inability to stay with a relationship through the not so exciting moments.

Realistically, not every relationship is going to have that perfect and exciting spark day in and day out.

Going through those dull moments is just like waiting in line for a roller coaster.

The line may be long and excruciating, but the thrill of getting strapped in and going down that first drop is unforgettable.

Now for those thinking to themselves “I hate roller coasters,” any of the next ten reasons may be satisfying.

The next reason, which many of us can relate to, is “One of Us Was Too Serious.”

Now this can be as serious as wanting to move in together, or as simple as “She wanted to see me everyday, and I only wanted to see her on weekends.”

It may also be that one person in the relationship is too clingy.

This could result in one being nicknamed the “psycho” boyfriend or girlfriend.

Whatever the case, things need to be talked through in a relationship.

If one is feeling suffocated by their significant other all one has to do is state their  feelings.

The “Burnout” goes hand in hand with “One of Us Was Too Serious.” Every relationship has certain milestones, and if these milestones occur too soon it could suffer from the “burnout.”

An example of these milestones are being exclusive, meeting the parents or having sex.

To avoid this type of breakup make sure that both people agree on a good pace that is suitable for their relationship.

This means that the couple should decide on the timing of these milestones together.

One of the most childish breakup reasons is “All My Friends broke up with Their Girlfriends.” 

This so called reason cannot be justified to an angry ex girlfriend.

Sorry guys, but if having a relationship and newly single guy friends is too much to juggle then maybe you should stop dating altogether.

This breakup rarely applies to women because their maturity level is higher. And most women could find a better reason to break up than this.

 Another reason is “I Was Tempted to Cheat.”

Usually this is when a guy or a girl with a high sex drive has reoccurring urges to cheat on their significant other.

The constant urge is enough  reason to end things.

Honestly, if cheating crosses your mind more than once, I would recommend staying away from anything that involves commitment.

Maybe  attending a sex addicts anonymous group would help these individuals.

“Divergent Lives” is one of the most rational reasons when it comes to breakups.

This breakup is used when someone moves to another location too far to see on a daily basis.

These relationships are geographically challenged and often end.

When guys breakup with their girlfriends because they feel they need to pay more attention to themselves, they are using the “Feeling Selfish” breakup.

There is no way to change these feelings ladies, so don’t

When guys go through the “selfish period,” it’s very difficult to have them participate in a relationship.

The most unfair of all reasons for a breakup is “I Misread My Feelings.”

This can be justified for several reasons, whether it’s a rebound relationship or dating just for the sake of dating.

Family and friends have a huge effect on our daily lives, and when it comes to relationships  they have opinions about everything.

“My Friends Or Family Didn’t Like Her” may be a speed bump in a relationship but should never be used as a reason.

 Listening to your friends and family’s opinions are important but shouldn’t be a deciding factor in a relationship.

The “I Took Her for Granted” breakup is caused by not enough tension in a relationship, especially in the beginning.

Girls can avoid this by playing hard to get, rather than announcing their love at the beginning of a relationship and sending the man running for the mountains.

Remember, throwing pebbles at your lover’s window may have been romantic at one time, but now its just creepy.

Last, but certainly not least, is the “She Was Too Negative” breakup.

To expect someone to be happy all the time is asking too much. 

But if your significant other makes you unhappy every time you see them, then it’s safe to say that person is not meant for you.

These reasons may not help or prevent future breakups, but the simple act of knowing just might help.

And remember that not every relationship will have the same ending as a romantic comedy.




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