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By Danee Cuevas / Asst. News Editor

No parking (Ashley Robinson / Asst. Photo Editor)

By Danee Cuevas / Asst. News Editor

The construction of a new nursing science building at Riverside City College proves to be a double edged sword.

New buildings  will mean more classes offered to students, which has become a serious issue on the RCC campus  as of late. On the other hand, it means construction during semesters, and a decrease in parking spaces, which is already a major issue for faculty, staff and students.

When the massive construction project commences later this month, the school will close all of student parking lot A and approximately half of student parking lot B.

Additionally, parts of Magnolia Avenue and Fairfax Avenue will be shut down for the project. Not only will parking spaces be even more limited than they already are, there will also be a change in the flow of traffic around the college area.

Building and construction will take place for approximately 18 months to two years.

However, the administration is currently considering options that are going to make the congestion easier for students.

According to Sergeant Jack Kohlmeier of the Riverside Community College District Police Department, the administration is currently considering two potential parking and travel related projects in negotiation.

If the parking situation continues to be an issue during the construction period, the RCC administration could potentially lease approximately 400 spare parking spaces.

However, those four hundred new parking spaces will be located on the corner of Third Street and Market Street, which is an extensive walk from campus. If students were to park in that area, they would have to plan on leaving for school substantially earlier for a spot that may already be taken.

If the parking spaces are leased, administration plans on creating incentives, such as cheaper parking permits for students who park at the farther location.

Another option being negotiated by the administration is the implementation of a rideshare program. Carpoolers and vanpoolers will be awarded perks such as useful discounts at grocery stores and other businesses.

The Riverside Transit Agency bus system is also another option for students to consider if they want to avoid the hassle of traffic and parking.

RCC students are eligible to utilize all RTA bus services for free, as long as they swipe or show their RCC identification card when attempting to ride any RTA bus. So far, this is the most recommended mode of transportation by both the administration and RCCD Police Department.

If students truly need to drive their own personal vehicles to school, then the most important tip students can get in order to avoid parking citations is to follow the rules.

Park in designated student spaces and never in staff spaces. Park within the lines, park straight with consideration to other drivers and only park in disabled stalls if the registered car has a valid permit to do so. Students must also make sure to purchase and obtain valid student parking permit every semester. The majority of parking citations given out in the RCC parking lots every year are due to the lack of a permit or an invalid parking permit.

“In comparison to parking at a UC, it’s phenomenal how reasonable we are,” Kohlmeier said.

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