Month: June 2009

‘Angel Demons’ & inaccuracies

Ours is a so-called “age of information.” What would have taken months of researching or multiple library trips now takes a matter of seconds, thanks to the Internet. Google has made information-gathering all but instantaneous, and Wikipedia boasts to be collecting the sum total of human knowledge.

Get over yourself Limbaugh

There is a saying that goes, “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.” Apparently, some Republican commentators have never heard that before. At the recent White House Correspondent’s dinner, comedian Wanda Sykes spent about 15 minutes making fun of everything from President Obama’s shirtless photos to the first lady’s lack of sleeves.

Manny proves he’s no angel

The popping flashbulbs, the thousands of cheering fans with faux dreadlocks, the section of Dodger stadium named after him all gone after one test. The impact of Manny Ramirez and his suspension cannot be measured in wins and losses. The Los Angeles Dodgers had the best record in baseball before he was suspended and, as of May 20, still have the best record.

Mark Cuban: A 2-year-old disguised as a billionaire

After all the praise he’s receiving on the Dallas Maverick’s official website for being a positive attribute to the team, most would assume that Mark Cuban would be able to conduct himself in a professional manner. Cuban is a self-made billionaire entrepreneur who gained his wealth by selling his computer-consulting firm MicroSolutions and his live-streaming Internet operation Broadcast.

The media just got punk’d

It’s time to face a startling fact: Wikipedia is often wrong about many things. This may seem like a very obvious fact to some, but it’s not so obvious to all. In truth, the reliance on Wikipedia as a credible source has become cemented as more and more media outlets are using Wikipedia to source their material.

Undressed: Cosmopolitan fails to write intelligently

Cosmopolitan underwent an extensive revamp in the ’60s and received much criticism for its sexually explicit content. By the ’70s it was the women’s magazine, as well as vanguard to a new sexual revolution. The magazine adopted a similar format to what we all know today, featuring a beautifully slender young model in provocative garments surrounded by suggestive, sometimes outright erotic headlines.

RCC’s version of ‘The Oscars’

California is known for its film and television industry throughout the world and Riverside City College does not fall short in its own contribution to films. The Fifth Bi-Annual RCC Film Festival, co-sponsored by the Riverside School for the Arts, will be held on June 5 at the Digital Library Auditorium with the doors opening at 6 p.

Outstanding art showcased

Artists abound in all three Riverside City College campuses and this month they are showcased in a very special exhibit put on by the Art department. The current exhibit at the RCC Quadrangle Gallery is made up of student artists’ works and is titled Student Honors Exhibit.