Boat ride to The Lonely Island

The members of The Lonely Island are “the greatest fake MC’s on Earth.” That’s what the group is striving for at least with its new album “Incredibad.” The album is a satirical offering of rap and club music by the creative minds behind Saturday Night Live’s most popular segment of the past few years’ “Digital Shorts.

‘Street Fighter IV’ thigh high

When Capcom announced that it was developing “Street Fighter IV,” fans reacted with a fitting combination of excitement and caution. Capcom’s classic series has had its ups and downs. Would “Street Fighter IV” be an up or a down? The gaming community was abuzz, wondering what to expect — hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.

News Briefs

Healthy nutrition outreach event On March 24 there will be a healthy nutrition outreach Event to discuss good nutrition. It will be held at 12 p.m. in the A.G. Paul Quadrangle. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with U2 tribute U2 tribute band The Joshua Tree will be performing at Romano’s Concert Lounge located at 5225 Canyon Crest Dr.

‘Street Fighter’ continues trend of bad game movies

The money spent to watch this movie could’ve been used to buy the original “Street Fighter” instead. In its opening weekend, “Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun Li,” did worse than any other video game turned movie in recent years, only making over $4 million dollars, while “Max Payne,” which came out October 2008, made $17 million.

Reality Television: more than ‘Celebreality’

Reality television is awful, awesomely awful. It’s crass, ridiculous, unabashedly sleazy and creates images that many of us find disheartening or downright stupid. So why do we watch? Why do we keep our eyes glued to the screen? It’s human nature. We want to see how other people “live” their lives.

Who needs human interaction

As I’m driving home, I feel an overwhelming eagerness to check my Facebook page. I quickly pull up to my driveway and leave my back pack behind, neglecting my homework. The front door slams behind me as I head towards the stairs. My shoes are kicked off and fly across the living room as I rush to my room.

Baseball team figures out what’s next

In 2007, the Tigers won the State Championship. In 2008, they went back to the championship series falling just short of victory. Now, in 2009, they won’t even have a chance to get into the playoffs. The Riverside City College baseball team has been disqualified from the 2009 playoffs.

No charm in ‘Celebreality’ TV

Now added to the cesspool of reality television are shows of reformation.? Such shows include “Celebrity Fit Club,” “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” and all of the other pathetic attempts VH1 has made to capitalize on people’s obsession with all things superficial and insignificant.

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