Holiday Movie Preview

For movie buffs the holiday season usually offers a wide range of choices from family films to Oscar favorites. This year is no different with big movies opening in every genre. A look at winter’s movies includes the latest projects from several high profile directors and films for the family to enjoy while they celebrate together.

Deerpark Monastery

Cars slowly kick up dust as they crawl through the trees on a single lane road. A sign hanging from a tree announces “You have arrived” to Deerpark Monastery. Carefully cars drive over a speed bump painted with the word “Smile” instead of “Slow”.

Early Childhood Development Center at RCC

Many students attending Riverside Community College District are not all high school graduates fresh out of school. The campus has a variety of students striving for goals including parents. In order for these parents to complete their classes successfully childcare is needed.

Crafts for the holidays

The economy’s downward spiral has hit almost everyone pretty hard.

Many Inland Empire residents are looking for ways to cut spending anywhere and everywhere.


Christmas at the Plaza

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! It’s a time of year when the spirit of magic unfolds in a Childs eyes. Get your Christmas spirit ready because Christmas returns at the Riverside Plaza on Friday, Nov. 20!

Love sucks

Love sucks.

Or at least that’s what Bella (Kristen Stewart) learns after her cold immortal lover, Edward (Robert Pattinson) decides they will be better off apart in “New Moon.”

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