An election to remember

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By Stephanie Holland

Charlene and Roy Johnson rejoice as the dream of an Obama victory becomes a reality while at an Election night party at the Riverside Marriott. (Josh Pedroza)

By Stephanie Holland

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With the entire world watching, Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States. He defeated Sen. John McCain by a margin of 349 electoral votes to 162.

President-Elect Obama is the first African-American president in the history of the US. This fact caused many people to become overwhelmed with emotion when the announcement was made at 8 p.m.

In Downtown Riverside at the Obama Riverside Rally, supporters cheered and cried as they chanted “yes we can” over and over.

In his concession speech McCain offered congratulations and pledged to work with Obama on solving the nation’s problems.

President Bush also offered congratulations and invited Obama and his wife Michelle to the White House.

With the inauguration on Jan. 20 and transitional decisions already being made, Rahm Emanuel has been offered the chief of staff position.

Emanuel is a businessman in Chicago and is a former adviser to President Clinton.

A lot of high profile names are being thrown around as possible cabinet members, but those appointments won’t be announced until the dust settles from this historic election.

44th Congressional District

As of Nov. 6, the race between Bill Hedrick and incumbent Ken Calvert is too close to call, according to an article in the Press Enterprise.

At the close of Election Day, it seemed that Calvert had deafeated the Corona-Norco School Board member and retained his congressional seat in the city of Corona, due to support from conservative Orange County voters.

While the race is still too close to call, due to late provisional and absentee ballots, Calvert lost Riverside County for the first time since 2002.

Hedrick was ahead as early returns came in, but when Orange County’s votes were tabulated Calvert surged forward.

Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees

Mark Takano and Mary Figueroa were re-elected to the Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees, in a race that received low voter turnout. With voting percentages in the high 20s they were well ahead of their closest challenger Sam Davis.


1A-High Speed Rail-Yes

2-Farm Animals-Yes

3-Children’s Hospital-Yes

4-Prior Notification for Abortions for Minors-No

5-Drug Offenses-No

6-Criminal Justice-No

7-Renewable Energy-No

8-Gay Marriage Ban-Yes

9-Victim’s Rights-Yes

10-Alternative Fuels-No

11-Redistricting-Too Close

to call at press time

12-Verteran’s Bond Act-Yes

At press time results according to the Press-Enterprise.

At press time three lawsuits with have been filed with the California State Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of Prop 8.

Gov. Schwarzenegger is saying Prop. 11 has passed, while opponents are awaiting absentee ballots.

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To take a look back at Viewpoints’ live coverage of Election 2008, including blogs, videos and coverage from local campaign headquarters, visit