Clingin’ to rock, climbin’ for health

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By Dylan Slusser

Phu Pham demonstrates how to climbs steep rocks at Riverside’s Thresh Hold gym. (Martin Iniguez Jr.)

By Dylan Slusser

Fingertips are clenched white while clutching a boulder, straining to heft one’s body weight up to another foothold on the rock face.

The crisp October air rushes over the nape of your neck, tingling along each bead of sweat. Prickly silhouettes of Joshua trees line a horizon cast in oranges and pinks, the melding colors sewn together with tinges of purple and set above the adjacent cliff’s luminescent shades of deep gold, each color heightened and savored all the more by the exhilaration of the moment.

This was the experience of Doug Dickens, just one of the friendly faces to be found working at Thresh Hold Rock Climbing.

“Our goal here is to get people climbing outside,” Dale Partridge limbing enthusiast and marketing director, said.

For those who wish to know the splendor and adrenaline rush of an outdoor climb, this gym is a great place to start. Thresh Hold Rock Climbing is a fully functional indoor gym that boasts 8,200 feet of climbing space. Thresh Hold offers a full mantle climb and a top rope of 32 feet.

A full mantle climb is where participants must heave themselves up and over the top to finish the ascent.

One of the most welcoming aspects of Thresh Hold is the vast spectrum of experience encompassed by its climbers, ranging from kids and first timers to seasoned veterans.

Thresh Hold also is home to a full fitness center, furnished with a variety of equipment, from dumbbells to treadmills. When it is time for a break, kick back and relax in the lounge in front of their 50 inch plasma flat screen and play “Halo” on the X-Box or check E-mail by utilizing the free Wi-Fi connection.

There are many classes taught on site as well. Core class is an ab-blasting session designed to strengthen the core of the body. Power Hour is an intense small-group weight lifting class. There are periodical climbing instruction seminars as well as yoga sessions available five times a week.

Perhaps one of the overall best aspects of Thresh Hold Rock Climbing is the sense of comradeship amongst the climbers.

“No one is too good to help someone out here,” said Phu Pham of Moreno Valley who began climbing just seven months ago.

When Pham arrived on the scene he had no experience, no ride and no gear but his new friends helped him.

“It is a community sport; we are all rooting for each other to succeed… It feels good to help people out. I know they appreciate it and I appreciate being able to help,” he said.

The gym is also active in hosting community events like a monthly movie night, competitions, barbecues, and fundraisers for charity.

The monthly fee for an annual membership is $34.95 while a month to month membership costs $42.95. Membership includes unlimited access of the facility. Thresh Hold Rock Climbing is located at 2111 Iowa Ave. UNIT A in Riverside.

For additional information please contact Thresh Hold Rock Climbing at

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