Baby-kissing season begins

Every four years around Christmas time, you start to hear an odd chatter coming from your TV. At first, it sounds like a bunch of random people are raising money for something. Unicef, perhaps? You’re going to hear a lot of malarky about people you don’t know, and a few you do.

Candidate Overview: Barack Obama

Barack Obama Obama has played a leading role in crafting comprehensive immigration reform. He stated “Immigration issues have been exploited by politicians to divide the nation rather than find real solutions. The divisiveness has allowed the illegal immigration problem to worsen, with borders that are less secure than ever and an economy that depends on millions of workers living in the shadows.

Festive fun for the whole family

In the dim evening light, heroes and villains collided for festive fun at Riverside City College. On the evening of Oct. 24, RCC held its annual Halloween Town event for children and adults of all ages. This year’s theme was “Heroes and Villains.” RCC’s Halloween Town was an opportunity for safe trick-or-treating, including costume and pumpkin carving contests, door decorations, spooky music and about 2,500 bags of candy.

Gra Pow!

The city of Riverside is growing rapidly, yet the choice of cuisine is staying nearly the same? The hunt for a new and enticing restaurant is never ending for many looking for a new and delicious treat. Gra Pow has been offering this enticing treat to its visitors since its opening in 2006.

Virtual worlds make human contact obsolete programming

Passion draws you to something out if inspiration; it utilizes your skills and creativity, making your life fuller and richer. Addiction draws you to something out of compulsion; it may require some of the same strengths, but instead of adding to your life, it takes away from it.

America’s leaders: Missing in action

With the nation going down the metaphorical toilet with a new crisis or breaking news story creeping around every corner, many people are looking towards the leaders of the free world to direct the public in the right direction. I’m still trying to figure out who the leaders are.

Anatomy of an instructor

Instructors on campus run a wide range of personality types and teaching methods. Every now and again students find an instructor who not only knows their subject in and out, but also loves teaching and, in turn, will make students love the subject matter as well.

A prick of the finger: 23.6 million diagnosed

Alex Rimbach, a Riverside City College student, always left class without any explanation leaving other students thinking, “I wish I could be privileged enough to be able to just leave class whenever I wanted.” Soon students discovered that the situation didn’t favor him one bit.

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