D.I.Y. : Saturation Festival

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By Lawrence Gonzalez

By Lawrence Gonzalez

A group of eclectic minds gathered at the Saturation Festival to share various ideologies, artwork and music. Saturation Festival was held from Oct. 14 though Oct. 19 in Downtown Riverside. A majority of the festival was held at Back to the Grind, The Pharaoh’s Den and the Riverside Art Museum. The festival was a free event, welcoming all ages. A number of bands and musicians were on hand to provide entertainment throughout the week. Among those who performed were: The Bell Rays, Voice on Tape and Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound.

Local artists from Southern California had the opportunity to showcase their work. Some of those who were on hand to display their craft include Greg Wigler, Caroline Kim and Dave Warner.

Many of the attendees got a chance to view films provided by Vegan Cannibals Productions.

Various workshops were also held at the Festival as well. Seminars included an overview on how to deal with immigration law, tips for fashion design on a low budget and how to start your own magazine. Ian MacKaye, member of bands such as Minor Threat, and Fugazi, was in attendance at the Riverside Art Museum to answer questions from eager audience members regarding his experiences in music, the community, and the do-it-yourself culture.

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