Trustee hopefuls defend platforms

Riverside voters, including many Riverside Community College District students, will be given the chance on Nov. 4 to cast a vote for two of the eight candidates running for the RCCD Board of Trustees. Board of Trustee members are responsible for, among other things, selecting a chancellor, creating the broad policies of the district, maintaining the physical body of the school, creating educational programs and negotiating with district employee unions.

Cafeteria construction now in finishing stages

As Riverside City College students continue to seek out food at the Bookstore and various carts, the Bradshaw Cafeteria is still undergoing heavy renovations. But what is going on behind the gates? Foreman Chad McCoy said that the gates and fences are for student safety.

Everyone vote like it’s 1787

America is the land of the free, home of the brave; it’s a place built on the foundation of democracy where one citizen equals one vote. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly true because there’s the pesky little problem of the Electoral College, an antiquated system of counting votes in the presidential election.

Hornets sting can’t keep Tigers down

Fullerton College and Mother Nature proved to be a powerful combination in the first few minutes of the Oct. 14 soccer game. In the end, their joint efforts were no match for the Riverside City College women’s soccer team who won the match 2-1. A free kick awarded to the Hornets early in the game combined with high gusts of wind drove the ball down near the RCC goal post resulting in the first goal of the game held at Bobby Bonds Soccer Field.

Look out it’s geek’s night out

Freaks and geeks of all shapes, sizes and colors gathered at the Greek Theatre in Hollywood on Oct. 18 to celebrate their favorites in comic books, fantasy and horror at the Spike TV Scream awards. The show opened with a tribute to “Scream Legend” Sir Anthony Hopkins.

It’s not Halloween until Knott’s brings the scary

Killer clowns, vampires and evil dolls are out and about, and scaring is their specialty. It’s Halloween time and Knott’s is celebrating by terrifying every victim who walks through its cobwebbed doors. It seems scarier, foggier, more elaborate and more expensive every year, and this year is no exception.

Security knows no bounds

It is a rare occurrence in such a rapid paced world to witness a selfless deed from one person to another. The exchange could be as simple as one holding a door open for another, or as complex as donating a wheelchair to a staff or community member in need.

Death 101: Analyzing the end

Death meets four times a week at Riverside City College Campus. And no, it is not a morbid cult obsession. Rather, RCC offers a three-unit course that explores the diverse ideas and cultures that encompass death, cataloged as Humanities 18: Death: An interdisciplinary perspective.

First-hand experience fuels imagination

Writing is indeed an interesting medium. It is a means of realization, of discovery. It is a journey that transcends thoughts and ideas, which in turn, empowers the writer and reader alike to discover something about themselves and the world in which they live.

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