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By Stephanie Holland

By Stephanie Holland

Not since Lauryn Hill, has an artist made such an impressive debut. Jazmine Sullivan’s first album, “Fearless,” takes listeners on a journey through a tumultuous relationship, with emotions ranging from longing to rage. From its dance fused start on “Bust Your Windows,” to the updated Motown feel of “One Night Stand,” there isn’t one wasted note on the entire album. Every song tells the complete story of a love affair whether it’s the after effects of a breakup on “After the Hurricane,” or the painful pull of true love on “In Love With Another Man.”

She uses a huge orchestral sound to bring life to a rollercoaster love affair on “Lions, Tigers and Bears,” then immediately segues into the emotionally charged story of a battered woman’s revenge on “Call Me Guilty.”

“Fearless” features producing by some of the biggest names in music, including Missy Elliott and Wyclef Jean, with Missy also appearing on the reggae fueled first single “Need U Bad.”

Sullivan wrote and co-produced the entire album, opening herself up to listeners in such an honest way it commands them to pay attention. She uses this record to establish herself as one of the most intriguing and expressive new artists of the year. Your Playlist Needs: “Bust Your Windows”

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