Students show up, teachers show off

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By Jessica Pourhassanian

By Jessica Pourhassanian

The tables have turned: as the faculty art exhibit kicks off, students are taking the opportunity to switch roles and judge their instructors’ work.

On Oct. 2, Riverside City College’s A.G. Paul Quadrangle Art Gallery opened this year with the Faculty 2008 Art Exhibition.

The exhibit showcased a variety of art including photography, ceramics, mixed media, and oil paintings. The contributing artists for this exhibition are instructors who come from all three of the colleges Art Department.

According to the gallery coordinator, Leslie Brown, the Quad Gallery opened two years ago.

However, for many attending the Faculty Exhibition’s reception it was their first time entering the gallery.

Perhaps what is drawing so many people to the gallery is the opportunity for students to see their instructors’ work and critique it. In other words, the roles have been reversed and the instructors are in the hot seat.

For RCC art student Blanca Wilkey, this was her opportunity to discuss with her instructor, Robert Jew, about his artwork in the gallery.

“Robert Jew’s art is absolutely wonderful,” Wilkey said. “I love what he produces and I wanted to see more. His work is mind-boggling.”

The displays of Jew’s work that Wilkey described as “mind-boggling” are two Fender guitars entitled “Axe #1” and “Axe #2” that have been bound in leather, hand stitched, and hand-painted to create a one-of-a-kind guitar and unique piece of artwork.

“I would sell these guitars to rock stars,” Wilkey said “They look like something Santana or Journey would play. They’re amazing!”

Unfortunately for Carlos Santana, Jews’s guitars are not for sale.

“Whenever an artist does sell his or her art, they donate a portion of the proceeds to the Art Club,” Brown said.

As for putting a price tag on Jew’s art, he was aproached by fellow musician and RCC Norco’s vice president of Educational Services, Gaither Loewenstein, with a handful of compliments including how “sweet” and “totally awesome” the guitars were.

The only question Loewenstein had was, “How much do you want for it?”

“I sold one recently to Dean Guitars for $4,000,” Jew said. He then added with a smile, “These aren’t for sale though, they’re too hard to part with.”

To check out the Faculty 2008 Exhibition with Jew’s art and many other incredible pieces of artwork by RCC’s amazing staff, visit the Quad Gallery from Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Thursday 5:30-8 p.m.

The exhibition will continue to run in the Quad Gallery until Oct. 30.

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