Oktoberfest at RCC’s Quadrangle

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The most fun people can have throwing up on each other without alcohol involved was this year’s Oktoberfest celebration at Riverside Community College’s Quadrangle building.

Historically, Oktoberfest is a festival overflowing with alcohol consumption, celebrating intoxication and German culture, although the festival this year was entirely alcohol-free.

The event was held on Oct. 2 and put on by RCC’s student government.

The annual Oktoberfest was started in 1810 as a horse race and festival to honor the marriage of the Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese in Munich, Germany.

The horse race was cancelled in 1819, with only the festival remaining. The festival has been cancelled a total of 24 times since its inception, due cholera and war, but it is still a beloved drinking holiday to this day.

The festival began with loud music, a long line for hotdogs, and two events tents put up by student government, a root beer drinking contest and the “Fear Factor” eating contest.

The root beer drinking contest left behind a few casualties. The drinking game was what is commonly referred to as “boat racing,” although the event’s official title was “Sail Boating.” Two teams of five people stood on their knees with chins and hands on the table as they waited for their turn to drink. Beginning at one end of the table, each team member would have to consume the entire liter of root beer. When they were finished, the next team member in line was free to gulp down his or her own. One contestant threw up his root beer on a teammate half-way through his liter. Undaunted, they both continued drinking and finished their drinks before the opposing team could.

The eating contest was more than a few people could stomach, as many onlookers turned away with covered mouths or walked away from the event in disgust.

Student Government held a second event for competing students, which was a “Fear Factor” style eating contest. The ingredients of the “Fear Factor” pie included: clam juice, olives, green beans, Sun Chips, guacamole salsa, coffee, salsa, applesauce, marshmallows, a granola bar, chicken noodle soup, diced tomatoes, turkey pot pie stew from a can, sliced beats, sauerkraut and whipped cream.

The “winners” of the event, those that finished the entire pie, were students Christ Kennedy and Leo Hampton. The three other contestants had walked away, with the final white flag thrown in with Kennedy’s completion.

The festival ended with the theft of a novelty drinking pitcher and some Monster energy drinks that were reserved for

contestants of the eating contest.

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