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By Mercedes DeLeon

By Mercedes DeLeon

Mission Tattoo should be visited by those in search of a welcoming atmosphere, good service, and reasonable prices.

Mission Tattoo is well known for its custom, flash, and new age art.

The shop’s overall appearance is more than exceptional.

The carpets are clean, the front desk is organized, and the working stations are generally ready and available for use.

The walls are painted black on the bottom half and orange on the top half and contribute to the night and day theme of the shop.

Beautiful whole-body pieces are displayed along the walls, while the rest of the pieces are neatly set up on racks by the entrance.

Each tattoo artist has his or her own portfolio that contains photographs of completed pieces.

This helps a customer see the artist’s style, strength, and weaknesses.

Owner Cathy Hennessey uses strict and appropriate procedures that have earned her shop respect, good business, and an impeccable reputation.

Obviously, no one under 18 is allowed entrance, and a well-constructed waiver must be signed by every customer.

A photo I.D. must also be presented to the tattooing artist.

Mission Tattoo’s needles are single-use needles which come in sealed packages, and are stored in labeled containers. 

Sanitizing wipes and Wavicide solution are used to disinfect the surfaces in the facility.

Eternal is the ink brand of their choice. After each use, all the bottles are wiped down.

Single use A and D ointment packets are used to prevent cross contamination.

According to the advisory inspection report given by the county of Riverside Department of Environmental Health, no violations were observed.

Hennessey is one of few people who have their inspection report available for the public eye.

“I want people to see and know what kind of parlor they are walking into,” she said. “I want our customer to know exactly how well my shop is ran, and taken care of.”

The facility is also equipped with a bathroom and a sterilization room.

Mission Tattoo also gives back to the community through its new program.

Hennessey’s “Art with a voice” is donating all proceeds of the art project to the Garden of Angels.

The project was created in order to help fund the burial of found children.

“We help fund the burial of children found in trash cans, dumpsters, in the streets and fields, or washed up on the field,” she said.

Unlike other shops, the employees at Mission Tattoo have no prejudice against any design.

“As long as the art is appropriate, we can do it,” Hennessey said.

One thing that makes this shop so popular is the fair prices for good work.

“Here at Mission, our motto is good tattoos at a reasonable price. I would rather charge reasonable prices and be booked with work, verses having few customers and making a killing on each one,” she said.

Hennessey has been a member of the Christian Tattoo Artists Association for the past six years. She is also a member of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists.

“Not just anyone can join, due to the high standards and strict procedures that must be followed,” she said. 

Mission Tattoo is located at 9110 Mission Blvd. in Riverside.

The shop’s hours of operation are 1-8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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