Who cares? It’s only RCC’s next president

If they rely on public opinion, the search committee looking for a new president may have a hard time knowing what to look for. Association of Community College Trustees representatives held three forums on Sept. 23 and 24 to request feedback on what characteristics the new president of Riverside City College should have.

Students emulate presidential debates

Progressive Students for Change held a mock presidential debate on Sept. 30. Four students, representing the presidential candidates, debated topics such as the economy, foreign policy, and environmental issues. The debates began with each student giving their opening statements, and afterwards, the candidates answered questions from the audience.

Oktoberfest at RCC’s Quadrangle

The most fun people can have throwing up on each other without alcohol involved was this year’s Oktoberfest celebration at Riverside Community College’s Quadrangle building. Historically, Oktoberfest is a festival overflowing with alcohol consumption, celebrating intoxication and German culture, although the festival this year was entirely alcohol-free.

Students show up, teachers show off

The tables have turned: as the faculty art exhibit kicks off, students are taking the opportunity to switch roles and judge their instructors’ work. On Oct. 2, Riverside City College’s A.G. Paul Quadrangle Art Gallery opened this year with the Faculty 2008 Art Exhibition.

Insider Spotlight:

Mission Tattoo should be visited by those in search of a welcoming atmosphere, good service, and reasonable prices. Mission Tattoo is well known for its custom, flash, and new age art. The shop’s overall appearance is more than exceptional. The carpets are clean, the front desk is organized, and the working stations are generally┬áready and available for use.

Giddy-up and grub down

On top of the ferris wheel there is a view of the Perris motocross track, as well as the dam to Lake Perris. The bird’s eye view also shows a packed parking lot, even on an overcast day threatening rain. In times of such economic woes, this fair is a place where our worries melt away for a few hours.

Third party candidate is keeping it green

When students are asked about the ’08 general elections the question is usually followed immediately with a yawn or a look of dismay, because Americans are forced to settle for the lesser of two evils, eliminating diversity in our democracy. The fact is that there are third party candidates in the race for the White House (namely the Green Party and the Independent Party) but these lesser known parties are generally thought to be a throwaway vote.

Let’s talk about office-al love

The process of love and the struggle of lovers has become an American obsession, since the union of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline and the split of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. And though we are in a time of great recession, relationship gurus like Cosmopolitan have not suffered financial depression.

Tigers down Pirates in overtime

The Orange Coast Pirates fought tooth and nail, though in the end they could not keep the Tigers down. Riverside City College’s men’s soccer team was back on their game during the Oct. 3 event at Bobby Bonds Field in the Cesar Chavez community center. The Tigers won 5-3 in a ferocious team effort.

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