The best of Paul Newman

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By Stephanie Holland

By Stephanie Holland

1) “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” is the quintessential Newman film. He and Robert Redford play the infamous train robbers as they run off to Bolivia. This movie began Newman’s on-screen partnership with Redford and introduced audiences to Newman’s comedic side. An infinitely quotable movie it is guaranteed to make for a fun experience.

2) “The Sting” is movie about con men and mob bosses set in the 30s. It re-teams Newman with Redford in another inspired pairing and takes the audience a ride through complex plans and schemes that you never really understand until the film is over. It features a classic theme that fits nicely into the world the movie has created.

3) “From the Terrace” is film about ambition and how one is willing to go for success. Newman plays David Eaton a young man who infiltrates the business world by trapping himself in a loveless marriage with the boss’s daughter. She is played to fantastic drama by Joanne Woodward. This movie from 1960 features some of Newman and Woodward’s best on-screen work. It displays their combustible chemistry in some outstanding fight scenes.

4) “Cool Hand Luke” features what is perhaps Newman’s best performance. He plays Luke, a member of a prison chain gang who keeps escaping and refuses to be broken. This is the film where Newman displayed the full range of his acting skill, making the audience feel Luke’s defiance and desperation.

5) “The Hustler” and “The Color of Money” both feature Newman’s most famous character, Fast Eddie Felson. In “The Hustler” Newman portrays Felson as a young cocky pool hustler who challenges legendary pool player Minnesota Fats. Felson is the epitome of arrogance and he nearly loses everything in his quest for greatness. It is only later in life that we find out that Eddie has learned his lesson when he takes on a young protégé in “The Color of Money.”

“The Color of Money” stars Tom Cruise as Vince, a young cocky pool hustler who challenges a legendary pool player, who is now played by Newman. Playing the same role 25 years apart gave Newman a chance to show the evolution of a character from the arrogant student to the mature teacher. This is the film that finally won Newman an Oscar after ten nominations.

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