Insider Spotlight: Lalo’s Tacos

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By Mercedes DeLeon

Co-owner Danny Lizaola gives the “Big Fat Steak Taco” a new meaning. (Martin Iniguez Jr.)

By Mercedes DeLeon

There are not a lot of customer pleasing restaurants located in gas stations, but Lalo’s Tacos exceeds customers’ expectations.

The small restaurant is located inside the 76 gas station that is next to the 14th Street freeway exit.

Lalo’s Tacos, which is owned by Danny and Myra Lizaola, was opened by Eduardo Garcia in 2000. The business’ name comes from Eduardo’s nickname, Lalo.

The mini restaurant is generally maintained in pristine condition. The tables and countertops are frequently cleaned and the condiments are kept organized and stocked. The ornaments that run along the walls and the decorations set up all around help reflect the Mexican culture that is also represented by the food served.

The main reason that Lalo’s Tacos is such a community hot spot is that it offers both reasonable prices and quality food.

For those who are on the go and need something to munch on, fruit cocktails are available. They include pineapple, cucumbers, strawberries, melons and grapes.

Customers also have the option of choosing from a variety of meats for their burritos and tacos, which include carnitas, chicken, carne asada and al pastor.

Lalo’s Tacos provides excellent customer service that contributes to the welcoming atmosphere.

“Our main goal for the day is to leave every customer satisfied to ensure his or her next visit,” Myra said.

Another thing that customers notice is the well portioned meals. Some restaurants have a tendency to go light on the meat and heavy on the vegetables. Fortunately, this is not the case at Lalo’s.

“We make sure that the food we serve is equally proportioned,” Danny said.

Lalo’s Tacos also provides catering services for all sorts of things such as parties, weddings and events.

“Last year, we catered on Hurley Night for Harley- Davidson,” Danny said.

Overall, Lalo’s Tacos is a great place to stop by and visit. The food is delicious, the customer service is excellent and the prices are reasonable.

Lalo’s Tacos is open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays, and is closed on Sundays.

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