A tale of two renovations

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By Megan Siana

Due to delays, the cafeteria is still under construction. (Roxann Raphael)

By Megan Siana

New things are coming to the Riverside City College campus.

Remodeling of both the RCC Bookstore and the Bradshaw Cafeteria are among these changes. The new and improved Bookstore is now open to students, while the Cafeteria is currently under construction.

The remodeling of the Cafeteria is well underway. According to a Riverside Community College District administration and finance document, on Nov. 21, 2006 the Board of Trustees approved projects to remodel food services facilities.

Remodeling consultant Tim Corcoran said the renovation is “long overdue.”

Food services assistant manager, John Arroyos, said that “with only a few minor cosmetic changes, this is the same design from 40 years ago.”

Changes being made for the new Cafeteria include new ovens, a deep fryer, salad bar and even a pasta line.

New food items, such as chicken fingers, new pizzas and egg rolls, will soon be available to students.

“We’re going to have a lot of cooked-to-order and more healthy food available… it’s going to be on the level of a university food service program,” said Corcoran. “Everything is going to be brand new.”

Signs on the locked Cafeteria doors promised the grand opening to be on Aug. 28, though Corcoran said Nov. 14 is the projected opening date.

Construction workers have encountered many problems along the way.

“This is a very old building and we’ve had a lot of electrical problems,” said Arroyos.

RCCD Resources Committee documents said that it is in “an unsafe and dangerous condition,” because the “electrical load the panel services exceeds the current Uniform Building Code.”

RCCD is taking action to ensure that these problems are fixed in the renovated Cafeteria.

According to RCCD Resources Committee documents, actions include the electrical panel being replaced and “an additional new panel should be installed in order to eliminate the potential of injury and fire hazard.”

In November of 2006, the Board approved a final budget of $1,045,268.

However, since finding the obstacles of rewiring food services in the Bradshaw building, the Board has approved up to $500,000 to cover the cost of repairs.

Students can rely on the Bookstore and various food carts for snacks and lunch until the grand opening of the new and improved Cafeteria in November.

Reinventing the old Bookstore into a new and improved university style store has “been in the works since the beginning of the year,” said Todd Murphy, Bookstore manager.

Bookstore renovations took place during the summer.

The majority of store goods were moved onto rolling racks in order to keep business running smoothly during the renovation.

Changes include a new and roomier layout, a lounge area and newly organized text book area.

“It’s a better use of space… with a larger text book area which holds more books,” said Murphy.

The store was designed to give a more modern, university feel that both staff and students are thus far enjoying.

The most noticeable change is the lounge area near the center of the store.

“It looks much more homey… I feel like it’s a better place to study than the actual library,” said student Joseph Samudio, “I could come and sleep in here.”

Overall, the opinions of students and staff seem to be positive on the remodel.

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