Month: June 2008

Minogue is bringing pop back

Kylie Minogue makes the boys go “whoo” and the men too. According to the pint-sized super-pop-diva, it’s her world, but she’s nice enough to let you live in it. A great element to Minogue’s brand of pop is it is without a sense of irony. She’s campy and she knows it, there is no pretense of trying to be ‘cool’ or making a killer pop album for the sake of getting it out there to compete with the Gwen Stefani’s, Miley Cyrus’s and Fergies of the pop universe.

‘Chronicles’ of a missing plot

Prince Caspian may take on the evil forces of Narnia, but he’s no match for the powers of sequelitis. If “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” was meant to transport the audience to a dream world of magic, then “Prince Caspian” is surely meant to keep the audience enthralled for what is undoubtedly to come.

One more civil rights victory

The California Supreme Court recently overturned a ban on same-sex marriage in a close 4-3 decision. The decision was the result of 23 same-sex couples suing the state of California in March 2004 to make their marriages legal. They were all being represented by Jennifer Pizer of Lambda Legal, the nation’s leading legal advocate for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights movement.

Ballet outdances Kobe

I might not know a whole lot about sports; I can barely recall the rule of football other than the goal is to make a touchdown. Sports are lost on me. What I do know though is that dancing should be considered a sport. Many would be quick to counter, that dancing is not a sport, it’s not competitive and it does not fall in the same lines with hockey and soccer or for that matter, table tennis.

2008 games have something for everybody

This year’s Olympic games in Beijing are filled with storylines, not all of which are good. Most of the headlines are filled with the situation between Tibet and China, but there are feel good stories to the 2008 games. Earlier this month, a judge ruled that South African runner Oscar Pistorious and other paraplegic runners can compete in the Olympic games, a historic feat.