Shaheed Sabrin elected as incoming ASRCC Vice President

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By Angelica Siordia

Shaheed Sabrin, the newly elected vice president of ASRCC as he talks about the different things he wants to do for the campus and for the students of RCC. (Lawrence Gonzales)

By Angelica Siordia

The results are in, and Associated Students vice president for Riverside City College is 18-year-old Shaheed Sabrin.

Tents were stationed throughout campus last week by student government, which gave students the opportunity to vote on the nominations.

Sabrin was the only student who ran for vice president, and although he had no opponents, he still had to receive fifty percent of the votes to win.

The votes were tallied and Sabrin heard the results Wednesday that he won.

“I was thrilled, but knew it would be a challenge,” he said. “Still, I am ready for the obstacles ahead.”

A graduate from Riverside Polytechnic High School, Sabrin first came to RCC and took an English course during his senior year.

Accepted to other universities, Sabrin is determined to enter the University of Southern California.

“My future university that I would like to transfer to is USC,” he said.

“I would like to be in a university where I can have an actual driving force in the field where I would be at.”

As a person who likes to multitask and open to many things, Sabrin is also involved in theater.

Last June, Sabrin received a certificate in sports therapy and fitness.

“As one of my goals, I would like to be an actor,” he said.

“Besides theater I like to stay active and do physical things,” he said.

As part of student government, Sabrin did not involve himself with the intentions to automatically be vice president.

It came to him slowly and gradually.

“I didn’t start out the school year saying I wanted to run for vice president,” he said.

“I started out the school year saying I wanted to get involved with student government,” he said.

As vice president, Sabrin wants to be a part of RCC and make a big difference in many ways.

“As vice president of RCC, I am not saying I will lower lunch prices,” he said.

“Vice president allows me to be the link between the students and the higher advisors.”

While trying to make a difference, Sabrin was able to be a part of an environmental issue that would help RCC.

A logo that is a part of the College says “RCC goes green,” and Sabrin was part of the changing experience.

Recycling bins for plastic bottles are now available throughout campus.

“As a recycling program that we have … I was able to get the connections to get the logos done and my friends had the resource,” he said. “I was able to get students involved and make a difference.”

There are also bins for the parking structure levels that do not have recycling bins.

A recycling bin is available in the Quad and one is on the fifth level of the parking structure and another one is in the patio outside the Cafeteria.

“We just wanted to get the recycling bins on campus and get the word out so next year we can be full force with recycling,”he said.

Sabrin does not plan to stop even after completing his under- graduate from college.

“After I graduate with my bachelor’s degree I don’t see myself stopping there…I would also like to pursue a master’s and find opportunities for myself,” he said.

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