Students take a hike

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By Justin Henderson

By Justin Henderson

“Hiking and backpacking, this is what college is all about,” says instructor Duff Wiley while going over his syllabus with his new class. Riverside City College has offered a hiking and backpacking class for about thirty years, though most students don’t know about it.

The class is both educational and fun for everybody. There are actually two different classes one is a one unit class that includes several field trips, but it is advised that students take the two unit class first which includes both a lecture portion and field trips.

The classes provide the student with the skills and knowledge necessary to go out and safely enjoy nature with a minimum amount of impact on the environment. However, for those who are already confident enough to go out and explore on their own, this class will give you ideas on new places to go and will also introduce you to new people with similar interests.

So if you need some PE units and are into the outdoors check out RCC’s backpacking class. It can be very fun and the views are always spectacular.

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