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By Sandra Diaz

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By Sandra Diaz

There was blood everywhere, from humans and goblins alike. Mainly the goblins though.

The Spiderwick Chronicles has to be one of the scariest children’s films since The Dark Crystal.

Based on a series of children’s books, much like the Harry Potter franchise, The Spiderwick Chronicles centers on the Grace family, or more importantly the Grace kids.

Looking for a fresh start and a new life, Helen Grace moves her kids from New York to the Spiderwick house. The house was left to her after her aunt Lucinda was taken to the sanitarium. Everyone seems okay with the move except Jared, who would rather go live with his dad.

Upon entering the house a number of strange and mischievous things begin to happen, which leads to the finding of the Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You by the house’s former owner Arthur Spiderwick.

After reading the Field Guide, their eyes are opened to the hidden world right in front of them.

In turn they run across a multitude of magical and often times dangerous creatures.

Mulgarath, the film’s villain, is one of these creatures. Played by Nick Nolte when in human form, Mulgarath is a troll who is after the Field Guide in hopes of using it to kill off or control all the other creatures.

Although he is the movie’s main bad guy, Mulgarath was an implied villain more than actually being the bad guy. Had he been on screen more, he might have been scary.

Following Mulgarath were the goblins.

Lead by a Red Cap in an old military jacket, the goblins were the most frightening creatures in the whole movie.

But they weren’t the only creatures in the movie; there were some that were helpful.

The Spiderwick house brownie, Thimbletack (Martin Short), was sworn to protect the Field Guide. Though helpful at times, he became an annoying burden when angered.

And then of course there was Hogsqueal.

Voiced by Seth Rogen, Hogsqueal was an ally to the Grace family helping when he could, as long as it didn’t actually involve work.

The last of his kind, Hogsqueal vowed to get vengeance on the troll who killed his family.

Yes, you guessed it, Mulgarath.

He didn’t do much else than giving the Grace family “the sight,” so they could actually see the invisible world without the help of a seeing stone and eating.

But of course there weren’t just creatures who know about the world. Lucinda, who was thought to be crazy for believing in fairies and goblins now suddenly made a lot of sense.

Not that she was really needed in the film. Even a visit to see Arthur Spiderwick, who was taken to another world in order to keep the secrets of their world safe from evil, wasn’t much help to the Grace kids.

It’s up to the Grace family to protect the Field Guide in order to save the magical world and the creatures in it.

While it can be scary at times, The Spiderwick Chronicles is a good movie for the whole family.

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