RCC brings classic cartoon music to life

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By Jessica Patterson

Richard Stover and the Cabaret All Star Orchestra play “Monster Hits” (Performance Riverside)

By Jessica Patterson

With some stories, you must start at the end and work your way back to the beginning. With others, you’re just glad the story is over.

On March 2, Riverside City College became host to The Onstage Cabaret Orchestra, with guest star vocalists Debbie Prustman, Larry Lazzaro, and John Bisom.

The orchestra performed songs from hit cartoons and movies such as “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Simpsons” and “Looney Tunes.”

With such a variety of songs ranging from modern to old school, it would be assumed that this show would appeal to people of all ages.

However, it was definitely a performance that would be appreciated by the over 40 crowd.

The conductor and host Richard Stover, was a bit outdated in his humor, hard to understand, and not funny.

His age and enthusiasm were redeeming, but nothing could justify the cheesy sound effects and the aimless banter going on between the conductor and various orchestra members.

Though strong, Debbie Prustman’s soprano voice was overpowering at times and too operatic.

The last vocalist, and by far the best, was John Bisom. His charisma, coupled with his smooth singing voice carried along the vocal half of the show. He was a pleasure to watch and listen to.

Though appealing to an older crowd, there were some youngsters who enjoyed the show.

“I really like Disney, and I watch the cartoons continuously. I liked all the songs today. My favorite song was “When You Wish Upon A Star,” Racquel Galang said.

While the singing may not have been for everyone, the orchestra’s talent was undeniable.

Made up of 12 musicians, many of them played two or three different instruments throughout the show.

They performed such classics as “The Charlie Brown Theme Song,” “Hooray for Hollywood” and “The Looney Tunes Theme Song.”

If you’re looking for a lively day of fun and humor, pass on Monster Hits From Animated Blockbusters and head to the theatres and see “Semi-Pro” instead.

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