Just in time for a new semester

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By Anjelica Siordia

The clock tower on the refurbished A.G. Paul Quadrangle is finished in time for the spring 2008 semester (Erin Hudson)

By Anjelica Siordia

The official opening of the A.G. Paul Quadrangle will mark the revelation that had the faculty and students here at Riverside Community College, waiting patiently. The new clock tower that was in the original plans when the Quad was constructed, but never completed because of the lack of funds, is now complete.

The Quad was unofficially opened in the middle of the fall semester of 2007 After years of reconstructing the official opening ceremony will be held on March 14.

Built in the 1920s and designed by G. Stanley Wilson, it was one of the historic landmarks he built here in Riverside. He also built the Mission Inn.

The ceremony will celebrate the rejuvenation of the Quad and with its last touches finished two weeks ago, the first tour of the theater, lecture hall and the new art gallery will be available.

Students and faculty alike have seen all or part of the renovations. “I think, finally, students can come to college and feel welcomed,” said Linda Riddell, an instructor in the English Department.

“The old architecture gives the court area character,” said Richard Hale, a second semester student.

“All classes are back to normal and are more accessible, it also makes it feel like a college atmosphere,” said Rochelle Tunstal, a student.

During the renovation, the Tiger’s Den was removed to address the need for more offices for the faculty. Although the Tiger’s Den was eliminated, a food cart is available outside the Quad area, across from the new clock tower.

Aside from the food cart already present, students will also have the option to eat from a hot dog stand that will be available in the next two weeks in the center of the Quad area.

Many changes have been made. Most notably, the infrastructure and technology have been upgraded.

Faculty offices and classrooms are modern and contemporary. Students have the benefit to learn from up-to-date equipment and flexible chairs instead of the wooden chalkboards or chairs that used to permeate the classrooms.

New wiring was installed and air conditioning and heating was brought up to modern standards.

LCD flat screen computers, automatic overhead screen panels, semi-reclining rubber chairs and energy efficient lights are some of the modern changes that have been completed.

Faculty now have Internet access and are able to present lectures with more advanced technology.

The night of the opening will bring together a group of diverse people who have seen and been part of the renovation.

The Music Department will be part of the entertainment.

The Wind and Brass Ensemble led by Kevin Mayse and Charlie Richards will perform.

Food will also be provided for those who attend the celebration and the RCC Culinary Arts Academy will provide dessert.

Interim President, Linda Lacy, will be conducting the ceremony opening with a speech, which will be followed by food and entertainment. For the main event of the celebration, the tour of the Quad will follow.

As student Denice Meza said, “The scenery is pretty and it is calm, I like to sit here and get a catch of the sun or go under a shade.”

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