Chancellor search continues

n an office with a panoramic vista of downtown Riverside is a plush chair with no one in it. No one permanent, that is. The office is on the top floor of the digital library on the Riverside campus, and the chair is designated for the chancellor of the Riverside Community College District.

CTA contract widens salary gap

The California Teachers Association contract that was ratified March 18 gives a cost of living increase for faculty. However, it fails to close the salary gap that leaves part time faculty at a disadvantage. Dariush Haghighat, associate professor of political science and treasurer for the Riverside Community College District/ CTA Executive Board, calls for amending the contract to close the widening distance between the salaries of full-time and part-time faculty.

City campus accreditation reaffirmed

The Accrediting Committee report reaffirmed the accreditation of Riverside Community College. The Committees report also left a requirement that the college complete a total of two progress reports. Linda Lacey, interim president said that, “Of the ten possible findings available to the commission, this was the second highest possible.

Quad official opening

Finally, after years of construction and anticipation Riverside City College held a grand re-opening of the A.G. Paul Quadrangle. March 14 brought people of all ages to the commencement of the renovated Quad. Faculty, students and the community were among the people who came together for the celebration of the new Quad.

Plans for city redevelopment continue to move forward

Magnolia Avenue, the 17 mile stretch of concrete that runs right through the heart of Riverside is being redeveloped with help of the community and the city’s Community Development Department. The city has held numerous workshops that allowed the community to speak about their concerns on this redevelopment plan.

No Internet for you

In this day and age it is hard to exist without the Internet, but here on the Riverside City College campus that can sometimes be the case. Really, the bottom line is this: we need a faster Internet connection. The college’s Internet connection is becoming more and more overloaded.

Loma Linda expands the ban

Loma Linda is proposing the biggest ban on public smoking in the Inland Empire. In a recent article published by the press enterprise, the proposed ban would affect parks, restaurants, theaters, bus stops, City Hall, hospitals and 80 percent of the motels and apartments in Loma Linda.

Presidents bring ‘good times’

tates of America prove that mid ’90s alternative rock ‘n’ roll lives on with its latest release “These Are Good Times People.” After a four year absence the Seattle band returns to the music scene sounding as great as they have for the last ten years. Some may know the band for its hit singles, “Lump” and “Peaches” back in 1995, but like a fine wine, time has made this band sound all the better.

The dark abyss that is ‘Drillbit Taylor’

If “Superbad” ever had a prequel, “Drillbit Taylor” would be it. Of course, “Superbad” was missing flat jokes, bad acting, and the stench of selling out on the part of co-writer Seth Rogen, and up until now, could do no wrong producer Judd Apatow. Coincidently, “Superbad” was a movie that took place through the last days of high school, so it would make sense that this movie would try to distinguish itself by flipping the script, and placing the protagonists in their first days of high school.

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