It takes money, nonchalance to raise today’s children

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By Adrian Pascua

By Adrian Pascua

Parents today are raising a generation of spoiled brats.

Many parents might say in their children’s defense that their child is just hyper active. When in reality they’re just given too much freedom.

Some parents feel that if someone else disciplines your child, then it means that you’re failing as a parent.

It makes it somewhat hard for you to tell someone when their child makes a mistake.

We’ve all had those run-ins with kids that just won’t quit, when you feel like you know the result of what’s going happen.

Like at a public pool, you know when the lifeguard tells a little kid not to run, but they do it anyway and what happens?

They slip on a puddle of water, hit their head on the floor and then go cry to their mom. Sometimes I wish I could go up to that little kid and say, “that’s what you get.”

It makes you wonder what values parents are teaching kids these days. When I was a kid my parents didn’t hesitate to discipline me.

As a matter of fact, my parents dumped me in martial arts and had someone else do the discipline part for them.

It’s not like I didn’t enjoy it, but it got me through the early years of my childhood.

Children learn bad behavior from their friends, and it’s never really corrected.

At the age of 8 to 10, your friends are almost your entire world, so you really don’t question what they say or how they act.

By the time a child reaches 12-13, if those same friends are still around then they will have a higher influence than their parents.

Shows like , MTV’s ” My Super Sweet 16,” displays how spoiled children can get.

It’s a show based on a bunch of spoiled teenagers who happen to have the luxury to spend mommy and daddy’s hard earned money and buy everything they want–even the pony most of us never got as children.

It’s no wonder we have so many little kids who want to live their lives like affluent celebs.

As you can imagine, people have trouble deciding exactly how they should raise their sons and daughters, because of the restraints and influences put on them by our society.

It’s not a surprise that our generation seems like a bunch of jerks.

We feel like we have no right to correct another parent’s child, because it’s not our place and they’re not our kids.

Even so, we still find so many of us saying,” If that was my kid, I’d do this and that.”

I’m not saying anyone has a right to hit a child, but they should at least say something and tell the kid what they did wrong.

The saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child,” if that’s the case, then the village and parents really need to work harder.

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