Getting a good grade on the job: work experience

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By Tyler Pitruzello

By Tyler Pitruzello

College credits are getting to be more expensive to pay for. To off set the cost of education more students are applying for jobs.

Riverside City College offers a work experience program that allows students to receive college credits/units for their time spent working at their jobs.

“Students can earn and learn in work experience which is a double bonus,” Ron Vito, Associate Vice Chamcellor of Occupational Education said.

get you generalized credit or units which add up.

Both of these classes are very helpful because it gives students an opportunity to earn money while obtaining more college credits.

The Work Experience Program recognizes that there is a lot to learn from being on the job.

The class consists of a weekly one-hour lecture and working five to 20 hours a week.

If students don’t have a job at the beginning of class, there is a three week allowance as long as you are looking for a job and are employed by the third week.

This program gives certain advantages to the students besides the credit hours.

It offers an impartial instructor that can help you work through problems and diffiulties that you’re having on-the-job, and it makes a tangible medium that allows for a more in- depth instruction.

There are three qualifications for the work experience. First, your job must include new responsibilities or learning opportunities beyond what you have already experience. Second, your on-the-job experience must contribute to your educational goal. Lastly, you have to get the approval of the work experience education instructor.

Not only do you have to qualify for the program but your job has to qualify also.

Your work must agree to provide cooperative work experience for students.

It must know the purpose of the program. It has to offer reasonable probability of letting you work for a whole semester. It needs the equipment and the facilities to provide learning opportunities.

Your supervision must have a planned work program.

Finally, your work has to be in compliance with all federal and state employment regulations and has to cooperate with the instructor.

If you would like to enroll in the Work Experience programs visit or call Ron Vito at (951) 222-8490.

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