Day: November 29, 2007

Angels hits the Airwaves

Angels and Airwaves is an alternative rock band created in 2005 by former Blink-182 member, Tom DeLonge. In an interview with the British magazine, “Kerrang!” DeLonge tells how he started the band. “Just before all the Blink-182 stuff happened when we were in Europe, I had an epiphany.

The Killers Shred it up on ‘Sawdust’

With all the new albums coming out this season, our friends the Killers have come up with a new compilation CD that gives one back to the fans. Earlier this week I, being a 22 year old male, got to act like a 10 year old child as I waited patiently next to my mail box for the mail man to bring me my copy of The Killers new album Sawdust (incidentally learned the hard way that the mail man in my new neighborhood came earlier than I thought).

Writer’s strike

About a month into the writer’s strike, it seems unlikely to be resolved until early next year, and TV fans are already feeling the blow to this year’s TV season. “Heroes” and “The Office” will be airing their final episodes about now. “Lost” will only be airing half of a scheduled season, and fans of “24” will probably have to wait until Jan.

Fall sports out with a bang

Women’s water polo finished the season 35-0 and won their second state championship in three years. Melissa de Jonckheere won the state championship MVP by scoring three goals against American River in the championship game. Jennifer Grutz and Tania Acevedo were also named to the all-tournament team.

Nothing says ‘Forever’ like a lawsuit for infringement

Imitation could be the highest form of flattery, as long as it does not include trademark infringement. Fashion designers are suing Forever 21, the popular retail chain that sells ‘ripped-from-the-runway’ looks for a third of the cost. Designers such as Diane Von Fustenburg, Gwen Stefani, and Anna Sui are claiming that the trendy mall store goes beyond imitation and right into the icky, blurred web of trademark infringement.