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When you see a plethora of buses assembled in a parking lot near Lovekin Field at 9 p.m. on a Saturday night, you might question your sanity. because we sure did.

Why is it that every time an event takes place on campus, it comes and goes without the majority of students knowing it?

In this case, it was a major band competition. Are we to believe that one of Riverside City College’s most treasured sports can have an event that is almost unnoticed by the students?

Despite being a community college, we aren’t really feeling the sense of community.

The majority of us live in the area, even if we commute. Some of us spend more time on campus than with our families or playing World of Warcraft, whichever you prefer.

So why not make some friends? We went out on a limb when we joined Viewpoints. Most of us didn’t know anyone on staff, or even anyone on campus other than the admissions employees.

What we’ve come to realize, though, is that everyone is willing to make a new friend. If you’re interested in a program on campus, most people involved in the program will be excited to have you. Some may even learn your name in the first week. (Note to self: Amanda, not Amber.)

RCC , for the most part, caters to everyone’s interest. It may take some searching sometimes, but there is a place for everyone here.

Whether you are an artist, engineer, athlete or impassioned about nursing or politics, RCC undoubtedly has something for your future. Unless you’re into spelunking, which, unfortunately there are no classes available just yet.

And RCC makes sure you feel at home.

After spending a weekend in Fullerton at a conference, we realized how much we missed RCC. For example, the Cal State Fullerton cafeteria closes at 3 p.m. on a Friday. The vending machines located in the cafeteria were closed as well as the Carl’s Jr. on campus.

Our cafeteria opens before most of us wake up and is open until most classes are over. Even when the caferteria closes early on Friday, most students can still grab a snack from the vending machines.

We also have an amazing array of events on campus. If you look around at the fliers posted on campus, there are always meetings, auditions, clubs, movie nights, and events to take part in.

So, we ask the entire RCC student body to get up and get involved with the school.

If you want to make something of yourself, it helps to share who you are with other people. Sometimes all it takes is a first step.

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