A ‘Nightmare’ revisited

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By Sandra Diaz

By Sandra Diaz

It’s that time of the year again where everyone starts decorating their homes, shopping for gifts, and of course going to see a skeleton in a pin-striped suit steal one of the biggest holidays around on the big screen in “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Forget the turkey.

This holiday season is only about two things: candy and presents.

With the resurgence of interest in the tale, mostly through merchandise at Hot Topic and incorporating the characters onto one of Disneyland’s most popular rides, the Haunted Mansion, releasing it in theaters seasonally seemed the logical next step.

Originally released in 1993 by Touchtone Pictures, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” captured the hearts of millions and was even nominated for an Oscar for visual effects.

Now “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is back in theaters to unleash its whimsically frightful fairytale onto a new audience. It started last year when Walt Disney Pictures released the film in 3-D in select theaters.

With the success of last year’s re-release, Disney brings their idea back stronger by re-mastering the film and presenting it by Disney Digital 3-D.

Disney Digital 3-D explains the project on the ‘Nightmare’ 3-D Web site saying, “between the medium and the message, it is a uniquely comfortable and technically stunning way to see a film in three dimensions.”

No other Burton film has had this much staying power as well as positive reinforcement from different forms of media and entertainment. As well as merchandise garnered at an older audience, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has been made into video games, and even inspired a tribute album that came along with the reissue last year with today’s artists covering their favorite songs from the movie.

The story follows Jack Skellington, the scariest citizen in Halloweentown, and his would-be love interest Sally, a rag doll made by a mad scientist.

Skellington gets bored with Halloween and in search of something meaningful he stumbles upon Christmastown hard at work for the upcoming holiday.

Naturally, Skellington excited about a new holiday to celebrate, takes it too far by taking over the holiday to make it his own.

Accompanied by a fun and haunting soundtrack created by Danny Elfman, the citizens of Halloweentown wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting masses by helping Skellington reach his goal by kidnapping “Sandy Claws,” and even creating reindeer, leaving it up to Sally to save the day.

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