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By Alethia Meloncon

By Alethia Meloncon

After many delays and obstacles the A.G. Paul Quadrangle is set to begin having classes after the Thanksgiving holidays.

The Quad has been under construction since the summer of 2005 but encountered delays attributed to upgrades to the infrastructure and electrical wiring.

There was also additional funding that had to be obtained to complete the unexpected work.

The faculty is scheduled to move on Nov.16 and classes beginning on Nov. 26.

The Quad is now equipped with a space efficient furniture for the offices that give them more room and state of the art technology in every classroom.

Each member of the faculty will have laptops for convenience, and each classroom will be equipped with electronic media, desktops, and LCD projectors. Even the chairs now have a more supportive back.

Each classroom and office is equipped with motion sensor lighting and the entire Quad is 90 percent environmentally friendly.

Linda Lacy, interim president of Riverside City College said that the Tigers Den was eliminated but they’re reviewing the concept of setting up a portable by the clock tower that would be similar to the one in the Lovekin Field.

“The space in the Quad is larger due to the Tigers Den being removed,” Lacy said.

The old lecture hall on the north side of the Quad remained the same, but with additional seating space of 133 for small theatre productions and added rooms for make-up and costume changes.

It will also have the art gallery adjacent to it that is still under construction.

The art gallery was previously in what is now the back section of the lecture hall.

According to Ralph Perez, director of maintenance the clock tower will be under construction with minor work and will not be opened until the latter part of Jan. 2008.

“The minor work is just outside plastering and painting that still needs to be done,” Perez said.

There is now an additional elevator in the Quad one will be fully operational when classes resume and the other will be operational after Nov.16.

The second floor patio area was re-floored due to leaking and the west wing which previously had classrooms on both sides is now remodeled to have more hall space with classroom and offices on one side.

The departments that will occupy the Quad will be English, speech, humanities, philsophy, foreign language and sociology.

“This place is very sentimental for me; it is a spiritual place that bring people together. Students hang out and talk, it’s a wonderful environment,” Lacy said.

“It’s exciting to see the Quad develop. I am looking forward to seeing the students back in the classrooms,” Perez said.

The portables that were used in Lovekin Field for classes will be redistributed throughout the District to the athletic departments and for expanding programs at the three college campuses.

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