The reality of reality television

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By Nicholas Mahnke

By Nicholas Mahnke

There is an easier way to look for your “soul mate” these days than dating, it’s called reality TV.

Whether you live with your parents, by yourself, with your friends or with a bunch of strangers, if you just don’t like whoever your living with, you can easily vote them off. If your life is not televised then your life probably leans more toward the mundane, but if camera crews follow you every where along with conflict then congratulations you are on reality TV.

The term “reality TV” is a misnomer. I fail to see the reality of living on an island with a bunch of strangers doing a bunch of random stuff so that I can stay on the island with the strangers to do more random stuff. I guess the “reality” comes from the “real” human conflict, never mind that it’s engineered human conflict, it’s still real.

The attempts reality TV makes at being entertaining are insulting at best, a group of limelight seeking riff-raff squabbling over who knows what.

People on reality TV seem to think that it will be their big break so they try to get noticed, and they do, but for all the wrong reasons. I have often heard people speak ill of reality TV actors, and I do mean actors, and I very rarely hear any reality TV actor spoken of well. It seems that all their jockeying for camera time leaves little time for leaving good impressions. I often wonder what goes through the head of some of the people on reality TV.

I imagine it’s something like this “OK I will through a tantrum and when the camera is on me I will show my best side and I will get noticed by some big director and then I have it made”.

If not the actors then the producers need better casting or ideas. The whole “voting people away” thing is old, or barring that then how about people that might get along?

Now I wont lie, making an entertaining show is probably hard work, I doubt I could do it, but come on do this or be voted out of the house, do that or be voted off the island.

There are great deals of ways to make a decision besides voting. I guess really in the end we all make our own decisions and we can all watch what we want, but I think it is high time that reality TV realize that we watch TV to be entertained not insulted.

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