The wonderful misadventures of moving out

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By Anthony Whitacre

By Anthony Whitacre

Straight up–moving sucks.

Being uprooted from your home can be one of the most detrimental experiences, it can drive anyone crazy.

So when thinking of moving, take some things into consideration.

Take this past month when I got kicked out of my apartment and had to move out by the end of the week. Yikes!

I had to miss school and work just to get out by Friday. How about some other tragic moving stories:

“I moved out here three years ago. I didn’t know I was going to move. So I had plans for my life,” said Riverside City College student Helen Alvarado. “When I moved here everything changed. It was a big transition to move from a noisy place to a quiet one.”

Boxes everywhere and too many things to pack. The hardest thing about moving is deciding what goes and what stays.

Being an obsessive packer myself; I’ve had to watch in tears as things from grade school get thrown in the trash.

Tears were literally streaming down my face as I watched precious childhood memories be torn and shredded as easily as paper because they collected dust.

My mom always said the memories are in your heart not in the objects you collected.

The memories may be in your heart, but the objects help trigger those memories.

“When we moved out my dad was trying to fix a plug socket in the house. (While) trying to fix it he ended up getting electrocuted,” said RCC student Sianna Hasenberg. “The lights flashed and he was lying on the floor shaking. My brother went up to him and said ‘Wake up princess,’ it was hilarious. My dad was okay.”

After everything is packed up and you’re moving into your new place you have got to worry about roommates.

It’s always interesting how people rent rooms to strangers and think that everything will be hunky-dory. Not only does the landlord screen you, but you also have to screen the landlord.

The first thing I was told when I moved into my new place was no sex or parties. Seeing that I like to have lots of wild sex parties every single weekend I gave up my lifestyle and mellowed down.

I thought to myself, ‘stuck in a house with two passionate Christians. How would I ever survive?’ I wonder what other people have to put up with.

Now the most important thing is to not make your landlord angry because they can decide your fate.

“One day my landlord decided my contract was over while I was at work,” RCC student Faith Gichura said. “When I got home the locks had been changed and all my stuff had been moved out. After I threatened to sue the landlord for not giving me any notice or anything he let me stay six months for free until I found a new place.”

Beware of crazy roommates and landlords. Take what you can even if it makes you cry. Good luck. You’ll need it.

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